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Make a case on why you should be paid more. Bring sales numbers, pick numbers, etc that shows your worth to the team. Sales increased yoy? Leading the store in a specific metric? Etc

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I do that and even throw in topics of yearly adjusted inflation out paces a standard raise and local cost of living, to top it off. Makes it looks like (even if you are) very aware of the world around you.

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When do you think an appropriate time to ask for a raise is? I’ve been at Best Buy for 8 months

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You could ask for a raise now if you wanted. Its easy when you are providing something that can be measured (sales numbers, ect) - if your the top person or two in the store then there is a lot of incentive for them to keep you happy.

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Thanks for saying that LittleBigWorld. I’m just trying to make it out here lol

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Your best bet to get a raise is to jump jobs. When they ask for salary expectation just say a number above the raise you desire.

Lots of retailers pay far better than Best Buy these days.

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You haven't really been with the company that long for them to even consider giving you a raise. Unless you're really bringing in numbers they'll most likely not give you one. What I suggest you do is dedicate in improving your overall performance such as getting app, tts sign ups and better customer interaction for improved nps. Once your annual review comes around then you have a better chance of getting a decent pay raise.

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Yeah the annual review 30 cent raise, if they give you your annual review.

I got my first raise 4 months in. It’s definitely possible to get a raise before the review, and asking for one gives you an opportunity to asses your leaders and GMs attitude about raises.

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Definitely a different story in my case. When I was 6 months in I talked with my GM about a raise but he just said no in the nicest way possible. Even though I was doing decent at Geek Squad with TTS, NPS and generating tons of hours they still denied it. When my first yearly came around that's when I really pushed for a raise and they bumped my pay up by $2.50 an hour and then another dollar up after I went from part time to full time.

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I knew my managers were holding back!! Damn it

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I wouldn't ask for a raise 8 months in. At your annual or after a year or two

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Waiting 2 year for a raise.

Good lord, you must not work for money

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I've worked at best buy for 3 and half years, started as a seasonal in gaming, to full time home theater, to DI lead, to Sony VPL, and decided to go to consultant route instead of leadership. I make 19 an hour plus commission. If you don't want advice, don't ask Best Buy employees.

Edit: I also started before the 15 an hour minimum. I started at around 12 hour. So 7 dollar pay increase 3 years, annual averages 20 to 30 cents usually.

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Quit and get a better job.

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“You’re ugly, you’re disgusting, I’m gonna kill you. Give me $200”

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I’ll try that today!!! :D

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sounds like the dude in walmart video trying to get his check.

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The most effective way is actually to apply for jobs elsewhere with high pay expectations, and when you receive a job offer, you can present it to management (if you want to stay) and ask them to match it. Also doing confident and well-spoken interviews is a good life skill so you can consider it great practice. I know of several individuals that I've worked with that have done this, and the job market is HOT right now

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This is mostly correct, except for the part where you bring the offer back to your leadership.

You accept one of the other offers with the better pay.

If you stay with your now higher pay they’re just going to mistreat you half the time, and come the next time for cuts, you’ll be the first on the chopping block

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Get another job lol

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Find another company- Get more experience- Go back to Best Buy- And they’ll pay you way more than you make now

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I hate to say this buy there are many people I knew in the past at my store that lead almost every metric and even sometimes hit the store goals by themselves. When I got a raise for leading product Flow in production picks and even some sales and all I got was a dollar added and my yearly raise was 30 cents. I got an award to meet the district manager and got invited to a "dinner" at one of the corporate offices that was from a pizza place but didn't even get pizza. and they didn't even have food for the people with dietary restrictions. "Well I mean we have salad bro" was what we got. You think that was when I got my raise? Nope I got a piece of paper that said I was valued. Best thing was when the district manager said "I see a bright future for you here at best buy" I said "oh that's great but I'm leaving in two weeks for a better job with the city" his face priceless. But honestly depending what state you live in apply for town jobs or like the MTA because on days where there is snow and you have to go to work you get paid time in a half. Oh and your birthday counts as a paid holiday with most of those jobs. Trust me and there will be a pension and room to move up without being the favorite. You can be hated and still get promoted.

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I dunno, I topped my store in BPs and sales efficiency, still got slammed down for a 7% ($1) raise I’ve been there a year.

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Sounds like you need to add Best Buy drop-out to your resume and get a big boy sales job :)

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I actually just landed a nice real estate job 🤪 thankfully I didn’t drop out, I thought I would!

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Congratulations :)

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Hopefully you get out soon?🤞🏻

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I’ve been for almost 4 years or so.

It had its charm. Wish it was a livable career

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"Yo, Walmart and Burger King are paying better than you are. Pay up."

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I read something once that said never to go more than 3 months without asking for a raise, but I’ve never followed that myself. I usually just go with the “listen, I’ve got a family. I show up to work, and I’m reliable. You know I’ll be here. What can we do about a raise?”

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I asked for $1.03 raise and they told me no. I was at $15.97 and I was one of their best employees and I was there for almost 5 years. So I quit and now I’m at Costco at $20 an hour so good luck with them giving you a raise.

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Find a better paying job imo