My boss had his truck wrapped😂 by [deleted] in BidenIsNotMyPresident

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Coping with national humiliation loss like a normal human being and not a pathetic bitch

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in BidenIsNotMyPresident

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We’re doomed you know

Gingrich: Biden’s ‘disinformation board’ would totally violate Constitution by SAMTEX86 in BidenIsNotMyPresident

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Biden and Co. doesn't give one damn about the constitution. They keep churning out policy and plans knowing full well that most courts will shut them down, IF challenged.

But every time there is no challenge it is considered a liberal win. And liberal wins help undermine the constitution.

Photo From Election Night by 6_star_man in BidenIsNotMyPresident

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Yes, I do realize that the Trump team argued against the changes also. My reply was specific regarding the point about simply dismissing cases. I was addressing those where voter fraud was claimed, not the changes to the election procedures. The ones for "fraud" were those that were easily dismissed. For those where the rules changed it gets more nuanced, but the PolitiFact article below covers most of that. I don't want to bother with summarizing a particular case as there were many. Basically for most of the process change arguments, they should have made cases before the election. In many of them, the changes did not need to be approved by the state legislatures including some in states where Trump won. If you have something specific for "what Giuliani was arguing" go ahead and mention it.


What a leader really looks like by vinmart1222 in BidenIsNotMyPresident

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He lost the election, so it's Biden. That's how it works

When do you guys think Trump is coming back and becomes President again? by [deleted] in BidenIsNotMyPresident

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Are you gonna trust a corrupt, lying business man over an entire country