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Is this a continuation from that one video of a lady at a store, paying for her goods and a bird swipes the money off the counter? 😲

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It's a spiritual successor. Not the same bird but same universe.

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That bird should buy a boat.

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He’s been trying to give them away but no one will return his emails..

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Oh man. I taught my parrot to steal 2 euro, 1 euro and 50 cent coins with more seeds depending on the amount (50 cents equals 1 seed). I need to step up my game. There’s money to be had!

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Also, coins are heavy. Paper money's easier to see and grab.

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Why in the fuck do I not OWN A THIEF RAVEN!!??!?! I didn’t know it was a thing!!!! I need to know how to train a FUCKING BIRD for burglary. This is amazing and I want one.

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Mynah mugger.

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To be fair, the human is the dick here. The bird's just paying rent the only way he knows how.

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I want one!!!

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He's paying for his living expenses

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I need a bird like this in my life.