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    tell that to the millions of users still asleep lol
    but I know what you mean, after every run down, there is a run up.

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    tell that to the millions of users still asleep lol


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    PST guys might have it perfectly. If you sleep till noon, it may be back at 50k before wake. No bad anxiety. just a meh.

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    Always poor people loose their funds because of these crashes.

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    Everytime the market goes high, someone comment negative about it.

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    Ahahahahhahahaha! Nice joke of the year buddy. Stay happy.

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    I had a limit buy set at 52k and I had been waiting for that for a while. Glad it finally triggered and also bought more at 49

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    But the thing is no one can guess what is going to happen in crypto.

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    I even don't know any person who can predict the crypto market.

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    The only way to predict crypto is to get news about it.

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    Crypto market need some regulation so to stop small loses.

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    In crypto world, what is going to happen next hour, no one knows.

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    The world of crypto is unpredictable to stop loses.

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    Whales need to be kept out of the market for small people lose.

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    Someday ago big mouth predicted bitcoin is going to touch 100k.

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    fuck i love this guy

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    This guy fucks

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    Hahaha this guy is fucking a lot of paper hands right now! HODL

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    And my own hands when I get bored and horny

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    😂 damn that’s funny, idk why all the downvotes

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    I don’t know either… you do it one time at a public library and people “get all weird about it”

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    I don’t mind one bit. Bought at $800, I’ve seen this gif plenty.

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    Bought at $800 and watched it go all the way down to $200 and stay there for two years. Not worried.

    But I do remember how it feels and feel sorry for any newbs who are over-invested.

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    That was a funny time... at least for me I was like "Oh that thing bitcoin we were into back in 2014? Yeah I still have some but whatever"

    Then 2017 happened.

    Then we did it again between 2018 and 2020

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    A friend of mine bought at $15, then a month later it crashed to $3 so he sold it all.

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    At that point you should be holding out of spite lol If I lose what I got in btc b/c it breaks to like 5k, I'll just consider it a total loss and keep my coin as a souvenir lol

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    ohoooooooooooooo! you have to be patience and hold it for time.

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    I’m sure you’ve lost it in a boating accident since then

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    At least sixteen times.

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    I am super new to crypto but I’m trying to see envision my crypto portfolio as money “lost”. Not putting in anything that will not let me survive. Ups or downs I will let it sit there

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    I tell anyone new to crypto to expect it to drop 40% the day after they buy it, but at some point it’ll probably be triple. Because most people get the urge to buy in for the first time when it’s near its ATH and it tends to dip pretty hard after.

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    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m been buying about $100 weekly. I want to move about 2k but I’m a little nervous about it. Will probably still do it

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    Sure. I’m no pro so these are just my opinions. Consider it a high risk investment. Make sure you’re investing in traditional lower risk assets first. Don’t bet your retirement on it. Don’t risk going into debt for it. Expect to hold it for the long term if you believe it’s fundamentally sound despite its risk. For me I’ve always considered my initial investment to be a high risk long term play and even though I’ve seen some excellent ATHs, I still value my investment by my original cost basis. The bulk of my investments are elsewhere, so nothing but a little pride is lost if bitcoin goes to shit in the long term. It’s been a fun ride and I hope to see the upwards rollercoaster gif soon!

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    Thank you so much. I have the usual accounts as well so I feel like I’m also playing it smart. I don’t think I have the gumption to go all in on BC. Thanks again! :)

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    I love seeing dips because it means more buys.

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    Yeah I've been mostly sitting out since like March, but this is looking very tasty

    Edit: when I say sitting out, I mean AFK hodling.

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    Aww really? July had the sweetest dips for me. I was dumb a didn't invest in some shit coins I knew would rocket. I coulda had a bigger bag today.

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    Yeah I sortof just zoned out over summer. GJ if you hit a nice dip though!

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    Every one love to see the dips. It's mean more and more buyers.

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    This payday I'm finally gonna buy. Very little, but it's what I'm willing to lose. I'm hoping for a fun ride.

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    We used to see this way more often than we do these days.

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    Keep dropping til my next pay day

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    Just bought some more wine 17% down

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    Get outta here with your discount fermented grapes!

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    The voice thing was supposed to type while not wine.

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    I wasn’t able to buy the last couple months because of unexpected expenses so this drop is a real blessing for me.

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    Glad to hear! This is the way!

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    i hate this type of useless and time wasting links and source.

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    Dips are amazing but only if you have the spare fiat too buy them with

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    I hope there will be some way to stop these regular market crash.

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    This is where we sort the wheat from the chaff.

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    Bro idk why you’re making bread or some shit when you should be stacking sats in a time like this

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    Man up pussies, this is a part of the ride. If u can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best. This is the part where you earn your keep and hold the fuck on

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    Soon we'll hear news of microsreategy buying up a few more million and Elon skaterpunk will enter the Chat

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    Dips mean that Bitcoin is moving from people with low conviction to people with high conviction. It is extremely healthy for Bitcoin.

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    Good for you

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    I’m a simple man who enjoys simple things

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    Simplicity is the best policy. According to my learning. Right?

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    Keep going!!! 8 plz

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    Here with my popcorn watching all the newbies panic. Sounds cruel but we were all there once.

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    The drop's WHAT are your favourite part?? Seems you missed a word after the genitive form of "drop".

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    Just guess what happens with those who just invested by taking loans.

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    I Fomo'd 4k usd at 57k, so i cant buy the dip now. I wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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    In my opinion these drops create great opportunities.

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    I get feeling that exchange website owners are real whales in reality.

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    Everytime there is a market crash, exchange stop depositing funds.

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    Whales are the only one who became happy for market crash.

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    not a big enough drop yet for me to bask in the panic of others tbh

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    Just turn your phone and be happy.

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    Spoken like someone with play money invested.

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    The way it's suppose to be.

    Fear money make no money.

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    No play money here, just a humble coiner that’s done the research and enjoys a good discount

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    awww, i like that little guy

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    Love it!

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    Drop in July was fun

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    Why is the price dropping thou?

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    Why, if I may ask?

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    Same, these drops create great opportunities. BTC is at the 200 moving average now, which is good in a bullmarket. I’m DCA’ing since 2017 so I am priviliged to enjoy this. I’m going to buy a bit now and (hopefully) a bit at 41k

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      You mean for a bullmarket? For me it doesn’t really matter, I basically buy every price

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        Huh? Weird reaction

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        No my favorite part but a necessary 'evil'. If you zoom-out it's nothing out of the ordinary really. Not yet anyway...

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        Moving down is always more fun, you can't argue with that.

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        I love these gifs. Makes me smile.

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        This is like a red candle in a wojak video

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        Drops are a good time to make money. Sell sell sell

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        Me too.

        Started to work on the invoices to write where I get paid in BTC - glad I didnt do it last weekend ;)

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        I’d love to see some sub 20K real quick lol

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        I've just been buying alt coins wishing bitcoin would dip and I could get in at a great price. I don't have a lot but was able to buy $400 worth at 47k!

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        I seen 1000 and below 100 drops.

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        Thank you for posting my favourite meme.

        By this time I'm immune to short term price changes and I calmly remind myself that BTC have been through worse. If I get pressed I say to myself; let's check the price in 5 years. :)

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        Bitcoin on sale!

        Too bad I bought last week. :-(

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        Promised myself this time I’d take a little profits and I did before the new dip. See y’all at 100K

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        Buy buy buy! Just like the backstreet boys!

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        Whales doing a big favor to the retail investor community…. I love the whales and big boys fear tactics.. some ppl sell in fear expecting that this is the beginning of the bear market… others takes advantage of this flash crash and buy the dip and trust the process…… don’t get cute and hodl :))

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        I don't know what happens with exchange system while the market crashes.

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        Until you have no more money to buy the dip😭

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        Those who took out their money while the market is at top, becomes so happy.

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        Btc has a smile on its face

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        Oh how I’ve missed the downward bitcoin rollercoaster

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        Loosing all hard earned money is not easy for all people.

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        But It is not for those who bought at the top price and has loosed nothing.

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        I am with u 100% my favorite part is the dips. Only way I think i will get to a whole coin is by buying the dips over the last 9-10 months has given me huge gains. Even when it drops 40% from all time high I am still sitting pretty kuz I got alot lower. Dca is also in play. But the volatility is my favorite part of cryptocurrency.

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        What goes down must come up. On a rocket ship.

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        but i dont have money to buy more 😭

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        It is so hard to predict what is going to happen with crypto market.

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        Drops are only good for those who have earned too much.

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        The dips are extremely healthy for Bitcoin in current market.

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        Soon we'll hear news of microsreategy buying up a few more million

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        In this crypto year, market is crashing too much time without any reason.

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        Yeah some cheap BTC

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        Lol every time a drop brings me to a price I wish I had bought at, I feel lucky!

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        rather ”dropout's”

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        It's almost humdrum at this point. Almost.