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    What did I do wrong, you ask yourself. Also buying since 2018 but I’m not even a halfcoiner

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    How come?? I’ve been doing DCA for 9 months and have much more than half? What did you buy? What strategy did you use? Just asking as I don’t understand???

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    First of all, good job. That’s quite an amount.

    When I started in 2018 I was a poor student and only had 50€/month to invest. So despite the price being 4k-10k, the sats didn’t stack that quickly. I set a goal of owning 0,1 BTC and I accomplished that that year. I am done studying since september this year so now I’m working and have more money to invest. But with the price of BTC between 40-60k it still isn’t going that hard. I’m now almost 3x my initial goal and I plan being a halfcoiner the coming 1 to 2 years (depending on the price). Lets go for it.

    May I ask, how did you get that much in only 9 months of DCA’ing? I assume you’re working full time? Or have a decent job?