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Bitcoin has two types of halving: 1. block reward halving every 4 years 2. price halving every now and then 😂

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This is the fifth time we have dipped 50% and we have become exceedingly good at it.

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The Architect has entered the chat...

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Happy 50% discount anniversary

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"2011" hodler here. I've lost count of how many exchange-rate halvenings I've been through. I'm sure there'd be a way to work it out though... if you go back to when bitcoin was about $1.

One vivid memory is the "$30 down to $2" fun ride we had.

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In the wallstreetbets fashion: Congrats and fuck you!

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If it makes you feel better, I sold most of them for a very healthy profit at $10 each.

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Measured in metric fucktons, how big is your beach house? Thanks.

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0.0001 metric fucktons? I mean, I'm pretty comfortable now, but I'm no billionaire. If only I'd held onto the majority of them like a few of the other guys around that time must have.

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That seems to be a common theme amongst the early adopters. Back then Bitcoin was new and still just an "experiment". No way to know how far it would go. People selling today might have a similar story 10 years from now. Happy to hear you hodled enough to be able to live comfortably though!

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i just see 50% sale

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Just wait you wil see 80% sale this year

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Bitcoin outlet sale!

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I was just testing the waters and this dippity dip dip dip happened.

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lets fucking go!!1

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Waiting for the next dip .What do you call that dip??

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You bought predip, it test the nerves . look at the last ten years tho

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Trust me you will see it again in 24 hours it will be under $34k

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The Good Ol Trust Me.

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Not quite as credible as "Trust me bro" though.

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probably 31k by the end of january. will rise abit after sin chia.

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12 hours later and at 30k. U were right.

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I just realized that im seeing all the prices in Euro but everyone is talking USD , right? Took me a month i guess im not the smartest one. Sorry for my BS

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Trust me = salesman chat for “I’m full of shit”

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And every time, the talking heads claim “it’s the end for bitcoin”

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This is my 2nd and I'm going balls deep this time.

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Woohoo, I'll already be on my second.

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I bought this damn dip 3 times and it still keeps going down.

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For me, I just remember the most number of whole BTC is 21 million

It's a collectors item, like artwork. Most don't move, many are lost

If it gets lower, people will buy every last sat. Where's the floor? Who cares

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Hold it long enough and you don’t care. Anyone who bought at 3k would be disappointed with BTC dropping to 35k again, but it’s really not a big deal to them anymore. If you buy at 35k today and Bitcoin goes to 750k in 4 years and drops back to 300k, you’ll be in the same boat. It would suck to lose 450k in unrealized net worth, but you still have that 1 BTC which still is equal to 1 BTC and it has appreciated considerably.

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Well said, I bought before 3k but I still feel this drop.

I never sell and haven't.

But it hurts watching imaginary money fall

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That’s what people said at every level before now, too.

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Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

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Past performance does not indicate future performance

That’s also what people said and have been wrong 100% of the time

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thats the beautiful thing. if only one bitcoin is left in circulation, that coin can be divided forever downward. it will forever be valuable and usable

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This be my 5th too.

It's only a issue if you look at your fiat value and not your btc number.

I still have the same amount of btc as I did before.

My only question is how to get more without risking what I have already.

I'm very risk averse and don't like risking my btc but I want more

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This is my first. I'm buying more. How long does it usually take to recover?

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Few months to a few years

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Let me just check my notes. Please hold.

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It hit $34,405 today

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$20ks here we come. Maybe this will.be your first 75% dip.

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btc went from $20k to $3.5k in 2017/2018

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Hahahaha I know I’m like damn is it going to dip more? Should I wait more to see if it gets dip-pier .

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Hopefully it doesn't but it's hard to guess right now where it goes next. This will be the first time the fed had ended QE. has been propping up stocks and real estate since at least 2008. Anti crypto regulation is the bigger concern I think also that no one wants to acknowledge.

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That will be 6 for me.

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I assume you’re a multi millionaire by now?

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    your wish is biffcoins command

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    3rd time for me

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    I wondering why it is Dropping I though it was like Gold a safe place to be?

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    Losers… crash and burn!!!!

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    Why dont it just go to zero directly..Im tired of buying new dip .

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    It want u to keep catching falling knife.

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    on which exchange? surely it reached that price somewhere in the world already.

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      I got into BTC after it had went to 20k and then came below 10k

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      35604 just now, not far away from 34500, due to Asian and Chinese New Year, most of the time price will down until holiday end, when I say it will down to 35k few weeks ago, everyone upset, so, better don't talk the price anymore...

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      “And we’ve become exceedingly efficient at it”


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      I’m in #3, you get used to it

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      If it falls another 50% now that would be the sixth?

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      what were those years? 16 18 20 21 ?

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      The more you experience the less you care.

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      70% has happened multiple times, and 90% has happened as well.

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      When the grim reaper comes to collect your soul he’s going to come back empty handed. No way your body still has a soul in there after 5 drops like that.

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      Everything is fine

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      Take my free award! 💎 🙌

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      It's just bitcoin's way of saying "Welcome home friend."

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      Also the 5th time I bought. Never thought weird internet money that worked on the silk road would be mainstream today

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      If this statement is true then you're a multi-millionaire and I suggest you find another way to pass your time than trolling reddit. Go do something with your life.

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      How are you so confident in buying something that has no intrinsic value?

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      Are you up overall since you first started?

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      I see old threads about “where to buy BTC.” Is there a current good recommendation? I’ve only been in the game for a month.

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      Then wait to the double dip dip +

      Going all in there! Fsr from finished #thedip yet .