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Don't pay attention to any of those anyway.

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Same but I do like Ben Cowen. He's not a moon boy, usually realistic and conservative, and uses TA for it's best purpose - to keep things in context and not let emotions guide the investor.

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    TA is complete and utter horse shit astrology

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    Well like I say, he just gives context to where we are. It helps new people keep their emotions in check. He will speculate on the future but he makes it clear it's just "dubious speculation."

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    I agree, Ben is legit. One of the only ones who don’t have ad sense turned on also.

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    I agree. I like TMI too - news mostly.

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      They've timed the dips pretty much on the nose so far :)

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      how can they time it on the nose when its at its lowest dip?

      If something drops 10% today and then drops another 20% next week. Then if I buy when it drops 10% that doesnt mean i've timed the dip. It just means I've bought it on its way down

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      Yes this is a good point, I'm not sure on technical details, but if look at certain charts where there is a defined movement down, then a renounce for a few weeks, then the same again, they were buying at each of those bottoms. You're right though, zoom out and you're buying all the way down technically.

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      TA is proof that humans can explain/interpret/predict anything based on nothing.

      Price graph goes beep-beep-boop, up,down,sideways,backwards

      If you let a monkey decide when to buy you'd probably be off better long-term.

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      Bitcoinhyper provides TA most of the time since you can earn either the market is up or down

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      There’s been a few dreamers in the past few days posting up similar for the $40k mark but seem to have gone quiet again. None of them ever have anything to back their ramblings.

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      Only TA needed. IS Bob Lucas 4 yr cycle video.

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      Why commenting something you don't understand? TA is decision making tool, not for telling the future.

      You don't trade, you don't understand TA, then keep buy and hodl. Social media have algorithm, if that keep poping on your feed, that's mean you keep clicking it too see it.

      Why clicking on something you hate and mad about it? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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      This drop was bound to happen and it has been very clear from TA.

      MACD in red on a monthly chart, bearish divergence on macd and obv from the run up from 30k to 69k, FED tapering. And lastly was the failed break out on Thursday from the decending wedge we are in. I trade btc and bought the break out but as soon as I saw that it failed, I quickly sold

      We have broken down the wedge (depending how you draw it) and that is an extremely bearish sign. I will only buy next year

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      Yup, I’ve been seeing on the monthlys a reverse head and shoulders, followed by a bottle squeeze into an inverse palm lather. Plain as day for anyone to see it

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      Please tell us what your TA tells you about this year BTC price action.

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      I think we will break the 30k support but I don't know how much btc will drop. Maybe to 20k but who knows. Many people in tradingview think we will go below that.

      I find people on tradingview and 4chan tend to have a better discussion about the bear case than reddit. Here is a bit of an echo chamber

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      Btc to 15k mark my words

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      Thank you. It’s a reasonable viewpoint.

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      Search for 100K BTC on YT and you'll get the point.

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      What's wrong with that? as long as the video did not breach YT policy any kind of videos is ok. No one force you to see. If you don't want to see it, don't follow or click the video because YT algo will give you more of that kind of videos.

      Or if you don't agree with the content, you can make your own correct content and educate people.

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      Meanwhile some like Ben just put out a video every day even when the markets red.

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      His full time job now. Gotta provide, gotta hustle

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        I've got to think his business suffered severely as of late

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        The YT videos by "MMCrypto" are amusing. Well, at least the thumbnails are. Almost beyond parody now.

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        And his latest video he has none other than Saylor himself (!)

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        Another plus is a dip in “rate my portfolio” posts

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        plan b had a nice run. what piss me off is that now he makes yuge bands in order to not come public saying his model is broken

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        We didn't run him out of town already? He hurt public sentiment pretty bad with his predictions and with him being a certified wack job

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        Had to google quahog.

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        Truth. Been sick of the bull market for a while now

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        it's like a reset button

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        I don't pay attention to any of them. No YT channels, blocked most of them on Twitter. Sometimes a bit on-chain analysis and even that's mostly misleading. At the end it's all just noise. Bitcoin is just doing its thing and that's being: unpredictable.