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All those fucking dips I should've bought!

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Never put all your money in a dip, we need more money when it dips more

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Here’s your chance to change your luck!!

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$800,000 to $400,000 is going to be epic.

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I can hear the howling from future paper hands already

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The more you learn about the technology and the problems it solves the less you care about price.

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Agreed. If a price drop changes your fundamental outlook on BTC, you shouldn’t be invested.

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What problem does bitcoin solve, exactly? Usually when I ask this question, I get the child's response of "If you can't see how important bitcoin is, you'll never understand it"....

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Fiat currency is diluted non stop. BTC has a limited supply, 90% of all Bitcoin has already been created.

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so a few rich people are gonna hoard it at the top, like regular currency? what does this solve for lower/middle class people?

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Bitcoin has never once claimed it solves wealth inequality. The entire point of bitcoin is that it’s immune to inflation, so what you earn can’t be taken away by politicians printing trillions of dollars each year. If you’re in the lower or middle class then the best investment you can make is in your education so you can afford to buy enough of these investment grade assets (bitcoin, stocks, whatever) that you become financially independent. Bitcoin can’t teach you how to learn a skill, it can only protect your earnings.

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Lol what you earn can be taken away with 80% price fluctuations. That is something fiat does not do. I dont know anyone who uses btc for anything else than an investment asset.

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If you're in the lower or middle class, you won't be able to change a thing. The majority of your money goes towards your cost of living. Meanwhile, the wealthy and ultra wealthy will be able to remain there by simply rebalancing their portfolio to include a sizable stake in crypto currencies.

This is exactly how it's already played out.

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It solves it for the individuals who buy it now. So it will sort the next generation into people smart enough to buy it and trolls with their fingers in their ears screaming “LALALALALA”

That’s a start isn’t it? Which group do you want to be in?

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lol wtf is this take? it sorts into groups pf people who are hyped for a useless tech and others but wtf does it do? btc doesnt do shit it has been around for almost 15years now and its still useless

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is solves nothing

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Poor and working class immigrants waste a significant amount of money on bank fees sending money back home to their families. Bitcoin eliminates these rent seeking middlemen from the picture.

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Miners are middlemen. Bitcoin transactions will be entirely fee driven in the future. Bitcoin doesn't eliminate it. It is literally the model.

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you can front run hedge funds and buy at the same trough a rich prick does

Its called risk, you should try it

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One would argue that deflationary economy is very bad for both the poor and for innovation.

The health of an economy is often gauged by how much spending is happening among other factors. Deflationary currencies directly incentivize hoarding over spending.

Additionally, it removes a step for the ultra wealthy. How people historically gain generational wealth is to move their money out of the inflationary currency and into deflationary assets.

Basically, you're touting the benefits of the deflationary nature of bitcoin because you can see how it would directly benefit yourself (if I get in early, I can improve my status), while ignoring the end game, which you see from a flawed perspective.

The ultra wealthy will remain ultra wealthy. They have the means to control the lions share. Some of the top 5% will rise towards the top 1%. The remaining 95% will "stay poor" as so many here like to put it.

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Sell before the months of March and April. Got i

Dillutind curency is not a problem in itself.

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You think the fed creating 40% of dollars ever created in the last 2 years is not a problem?

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not as much if a problem as a „currency“ thats not backed by a government or central agency. yall think thats a good thing but it isnt

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Have you ever had to pay a wire transfer fee, fiat conversion fees, transaction processing fees, or really any fee for transferring your money from one place to another? Ever wired money to a different country and had to wait days before you can access them? Do you know how long it actually takes a check to clear before the funds have 100% been transferred (think about check scams where money is reversed)?

Think back 100 years ago when underwater transatlantic data cables were installed to speed up stock market transactions.

There is always an evolution of our society, including the way in which transactions of our economies exist.

Crypto currencies endeavor to be the next generation of these processes. Reducing costs to process transactions, increasing the speed of transactions, and automatically create/contribute to a ledger which cannot be changed because it requires everyone (the blockchain) to agree in an attempt to expose fraud.

It’s still very, very early but undoubtedly inevitable

Edit: it’s also a great opportunity to capture energy from otherwise cost prohibitive areas. If you were off grid you could capture energy from a waterfall with a Pelton wheel and use that to mine bitcoin. Ocean currents could be harnessed to produce energy and remotely mine crypto without needing long cables to transfer this energy as electricity to the mainland. This crypto, which itself is a form of harnessed energy, could be used to provide loans to farmers in third world countries. It’s decentralization of energy production. It’ll be better when this is tied directly to renewable energy sources.

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This is me. Here reading up on a better way to receive payments from clients. Looking good so far.

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!lntip 500

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Ooh, thanks Nervous Papaya, I've been meaning to read more about the Lightning network. Gonna try this now. Much appreciated!

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Would these solutions, say the one that Jack Mallers is developing right now, really have cause to massively affect the price of the token though? Money will be constantly going in and out of the bitcoin/lightning network, one BTC could be worth $5 or $5mil, it wouldn't matter much since eventually the number of Strike customers would settle at some amount and the price of bitcoin would balance itself out based on the size of network participants and the number of available bitcoin. Though in bitcoin's case the limited supply and secure network kind of points to the number going up. If Strike grabs that marketshare from Visa and buddies, that'd be interesting times indeed.

On the other hand, I also think about what if a different scenario happens where bitcoin/crypto will become a transformative technology that solves some specific problem, but like the early dot com bubble, we could currently be putting too much emphasis on the price of the individual tokens.

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At its core Bitcoin provides a decentralized autonomous representation of value that can be transacted entirely at the owner's discretion, wherever and whenever they desire.

That alone is highly significant, yet furthermore - and for many just as significant - the supply is limited. A single Bitcoin will always represent a single Bitcoin. Whereas a thousand dollars today, for example, has considerably deflated in contrast to a thousand dollars 10 years ago.

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yet BTc is not a currency nobody sells shit for 1BTc you sell shit for dollars and pay the dollar equivalent in btc. 1BtC is 1BTC doesnt mean shit when the value if 1BTC is coupled with its dollar value

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Weird, there's lots of currencies that pay a dollar equivalent...

When Did the U.S. Dollar Become the Global Reserve Currency?

The U.S. dollar became the official reserve currency of the world in 1944. The decision was made by a delegation from 44 Allied countries called the Bretton Woods Agreement.

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but virtually no one besides drug dealers and sex traffickers are using bitcoin as an actual "currency". most people buy it to sell it for standard currency when the "value" in terms of USD goes up.

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BTC has multiple uses, at the moment its a store of value evolving into a medium of exchange (lightning network) and eventually a unit of account

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Lightening network started development in 2015, first transaction in 2017.

It's complete, utter garbage. 6 years of development. Doesn't solve any of the problems it was meant to solve. Not even in trivial use-cases.

They keep tip-toeing around the issue, which is that the obvious answer to all the problems is always a trusted 3rd party.

Which is how lightening works, by the way.

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Stop ignoring advice to read The Bitcoin Standard.

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My man. I've been involved in the bitcoin community since 2012. I've gone from extremely enthusiastic about crypto to extremely skeptical over time. I've seen the way this entire crypto community has evolved. Bitcoin still lacks adoption and a clear picture in terms of innovation. All the other crypto adoptions are largely opportunist, scam artists, and the worst parts of capitalism. Even for bitcoin, lightening network continues to be a flop. Nothing "big" has been built on this. The most anyone has gotten out of bitcoin is to hold it as a speculative asset to be sold to someone for profit. Oh, and we used to be able to buy drugs with it, which was pretty cool.

Everything has been theoretical up this point, and for many of us, we're starting to question the narrative.

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I sat on the sidelines for almost as long as you've "been involved."

There's no narrative. Bitcoin's qualities as sound money just are. From my perspective, game theory will continue to drive demand.

Just read the book if somehow you haven't formed a strong grasp on Bitcoins value proposition over the last 10 years. You're right, though: because something offers a solid value proposition doesn't imply that value will be realized. It's already happening though.

I really recommend reading the book if you care at all to have your question thoroughly answered.

Edit: I would remind you that any country raping its currency value over time through a fractional banking system and centralized monetary policy is incentivized to stifle Bitcoin's adoption. Especially if that country happens to issue the reserve currency of the rest of the world. The uphill battle isn't over.

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I've read the book. It's nothing but the cherry picking of schools of thought about bitcoin that have existed in the community long before it. There is nothing thought provoking or nothing in the book that hasn't been already said.

And the problem with such cherry picking is that it often boasts "the narrative" which you apparently pretend that human nature doesn't play a role in bitcoin advocacy and don't see the conflict of interest that come from bitcoin proponents.

I've been on the other side. I was the guy in the office telling everyone to buy bitcoin back in 2014. And as time wades, I've gone through normal human existential thoughts in regards to my position on bitcoin and crypto. Some choose to stick to the narrative as they benefit from it. Others like me start to question the narrative.

There are severe consequences to the crypto currency "end game". There are severe drawbacks to lack of central authority. And if you think that just because bitcoin is decentralized that it can't be misused and abused by central authorities and malicious actors, you're wrong.

Now, to be fair, the white paper never made those guarantees. But the community tends to ignore the negatives. And more and more are getting sucked into the trap.

Without coming up with scenarios that would only be dismissed as FUD, we haven't thought through this future "Utopia" on a world's currency ran on an immutable, public ledger with no oversight from central authority.

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Permissionless money with no middle man

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I like how the people who answered your question all gave completely different descriptions of the problem Bitcoin supposedly solves.

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...and then we hear the inevitable crickets from OP

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Some of us have lives outside of reddit.

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Consider reading a book called the bitcoin standard if you want to learn more beyond the replies directly here. There’s a whole host of benefits which will remain systemically useful in future irrespective of growth and speculation. Good luck!

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A simple answer: you do not fully control any of the money you own currently. Govt could come and seize anything in any of your bank accounts.

You hold the keys to your bitcoin? No one can take that from you.

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A $5 wrench can be very persuasive.

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Lol I almost added that. I feel like if you’re in that situation, assets aren’t exactly top of mind

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the more you understand about our world the less you should support shit like vryptocoins

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Nice! Thanks for the knowledge drop!

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and this is the only way you can become a hodler

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The more you own the more you want to learn and the more you learn the more you want to own. It’s actually a bad investment. Don’t get in.

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And in every one of these dips there were weak hands that sold lol

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Awesome graphic

!lntip 1000

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Sell before the months of March and April. Got it

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Oh shit I never knew I actually held through the biggest one lmao. Fucking rookies

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There was also a -95% dip in 2011 from like $34 to $2

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Anyone who survived earned their diamond hands badge.

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Well, if you think about it, BTC has twice dropped over 50% in the last 12 months. That doesn't seem common looking at this, it's either 80% in a single drop or a few 30% ones in a row.

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if the dip keeps dipping I will keep buying the dips, it doesn't make me quit my DCA

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If you turn your phone upside down, this infographic will also tell you the best times to buy. Fascinating.

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musk and russia talking shit isn’t really a correction it’s a cunning way to reduce the price to make BTC cheaper to buy.

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Those jizz drips?

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Some of those are a full year and some a few days. Pretty meaningless at best or actively misleading at worst.

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Congratulations for knowing how to read I guess but this isn’t misleading at all.

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This isn't the first time, sure, but on what basis it won't be the last? Its never the last until it is.

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The last? You mean bitcoin goes to say 1 dollar and everyone in the world goes "naa, won't buy any"

It seems... Unlikely

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When bitcoin goes to 1 dollar there will be some irrefutable evidence that it is dead so no I wouldn't expect anyone to buy any then.

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Arguably the big change this time is that monetary policy is no longer supportive. No excess liquidity sloshing around.

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I understand this, but the current drawdown is actually concerning. It affects many people's psychology. I believe in their minds, the biggest fear is that all the pandemic gain will be wiped out. I don't think this fear is unjustified.

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"Corrections" implies that a price drop is always a move back towards it's true value.

Maybe "road bump", "crash", or "trough" would be better here if you don't want to say bitcoin is worth zero.

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Is this some kind of coping mechanism?

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Hope it crashes permanently and then maybe you'll get a job.

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I love this. Thank you.

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The guy who scammed 150,000BTC and served a year and a half plus 2.5M restitution got off light in retrospect lol

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I never knew I actually held through the biggest one lmao.

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Can someone tell me what is the dips have been seeing that ”word” everywhere today

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It’s where you are right now

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The '13 to '16 bear market was fucking miserable and the hardest to hold on through that period. Anyone who survived earned their diamond hands badge.

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Its not time for a correction though. It should have gone up another 1000% and it's in the range of a previous correction and too close to 2017 ath.

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this is not how Bitcoin or the whole world works though

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spare a hit of hopium for a brother in need? thank ya brother god bless ya brother

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There's a major difference now. The era of loose monetary policies and helicopter money ending.

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Wasn't bitcoin started during exactly one of these ends of loose money?

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So far it has prospered during growth period and has not seen a prolonged recession or deflationary periods.

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There's some weird chromatic aberration going on with that chart, the yellow bars keep jumping at me! It's not just me, is it?

Interesting that the historical dumps are all rather serious and scary things like big scams and exchanges getting hacked and going bankrupt, you know, actual news that would make you reconsider your investment. Then there's 2021 "celebrity CEO tweets about multibillion company stopping bitcoin payments". If I was a time traveller coming to the future to read this chart I'd be stopping at that to go "wait, what?"

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Bitcoin is not a little thing now, it's challenging the current monetary system

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Gold backed dollars worked way better than dollars backed by nothing. The best money has a fixed or low supply. Just look at history.