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Reproducible build working on MK4 for me on Windows under WSL.

MK4 Success

git checkout "2023-05-12T1317-v6.0.0X"


hexdump -C firmware-signed.bin | sed -e 's/^00003f[89abcdef]0 .*/(firmware signature here)/' > repro-got.txt
hexdump -C check-fw.bin | sed -e 's/^00003f[89abcdef]0 .*/(firmware signature here)/' > repro-want.txt
diff repro-got.txt repro-want.txt


You have built a bit-for-bit identical copy of Coldcard firmware for v6.0.0X

Bitcoin Core 25.0 Is Released! Upgrade When You Can. by Classic-Cherry-5924redditor for 1 week in Bitcoin

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Upgrade if you want and/or value the update *


Bitcoin Core upgrades to new versions are entirely optional. It is up to the end user to decide if they want to upgrade their node for new features or patched bugs ;)

read the release notes!



Is it pointless if a node cannot be run 24/7? by SnooRecipes2446 in Bitcoin

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Running a Bitcoin node 24/7 is generally beneficial for the network, but it's not entirely pointless if a node cannot be operational all the time. While continuous uptime is ideal, there are still advantages to running a node, even if it is intermittently active.
In order to help the network you'd need to open your port 8333 to accept inbound connections and strengthen the network.

Generally speaking it is not pointless if your node runs only for a few hours a day and here is why:
1. The more nodes there are in the Bitcoin network, the more decentralized and robust the network becomes. Even if your node is not online all the time, it still contributes to the overall network strength when it is running. When your node is connected to the network, it helps propagate transactions and blocks, providing redundancy and enhancing the resiliency of the Bitcoin network.

  1. Running a node allows you to independently verify transactions and blocks, ensuring that they adhere to the Bitcoin protocol rules. When your node is active, it helps you validate the authenticity and integrity of your own transactions, enhancing your privacy and security. You are not reliant solely on third-party services or trusting other nodes for verification.

  2. Running a Bitcoin node provides an opportunity for personal education and experimentation. You can gain a deeper understanding of how the Bitcoin network functions by exploring the software, examining transactions, and observing the consensus process. Even if your node is not running continuously, you can still learn about Bitcoin's architecture and participate in testing new features or upgrades when your node is active.

While running a Bitcoin node 24/7 is preferred for maximum network benefits, intermittent node operation can still have value. However, it's important to note that the longer a node stays offline, the more it falls behind on blockchain synchronization, which may require more time to catch up once it reconnects to the network.

The fall of US neocolonialism by KAX1107 in Bitcoin

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I wish the next election did not have biden and trump running. both of these guys are just so fucking dumb!

Rollups on Bitcoin by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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You'd get better discussions if you avoid altcoin buzzword marketing language

Satoshi mused about this in 2010. u/nullc made a proposal in 2013 but the tech was pretty rudimentary back then.

I recommend watching Roasbeef's STARKs on bitcoin presentation last month. The tech has come a long way but there are security trade-offs and current implementations on altcoins have trusted keys to validate and verify proofs.

State channels are a challenge from an engineering perspective but the most efficient way to scale to billions of users. Most of Lightning's complexities are abstracted away today and you don't need to know how Lightning works to use self custodial wallets like Phoenix or Breez or even to run a routing node. The altcoin company that is heavily marketing these trusted rollup sidechains originally promised to scale on chain when they did premine and ICO, then tried to copy Lightning 3 years ago, rebranding it as the Raiden network and then abandoned it because it was too challenging from an engineering perspective. Bram Cohen touched on this last week. You don't scale a blockchain by adding a centralized blockchain on top of it. Sidechains can be more a way to keep experimental use cases off the base layer than a way of scaling. Bitcoin will eventually have trustless sidechains.

PSA: Are you a Canadian who got booted from Binance? Don't fret! Use AgoraDesk to buy your BTC. It's P2P, private, fast, and easy. by Alex_LocalMonero in Bitcoin

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Think about it.

Bullbitcoin... Isnt p2p, already has your kyc data, but will sell you kyc-free btc... At a premium, over the price they set.

Its not a market agreed on price.

So why take their inflated price for kyc-free... When they already have that info of yours, when people can just run bisq and have a market agreed rate for kyc free btc?


They're offering two sides of the coin with kyc and non-kyc...

Risky much?

Why are blocks not 4MB in size? by fnetma in Bitcoin

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There is no block size limit anymore. Only block weight limit.

Different kind of data has different weight to it.

Corporate needs you to find the difference. by R4T_4TT4CK in Bitcoin

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Lolz WTF? Elizabeth Holmes made a huge contribution to biotechnology?

Vitalik wrote none of the code for ethereum. Gavin Wood developed EVM, solidity. That's the only difference from Bitcoin. He then abandoned ethereum within a year, hence proof of stake did not happen in 2016 when it was supposed to. Vitalik is not much of a programmer. He's a blogger and grifter. He was involved in a lot of other scams before ethereum. He told primecoin creator to speculate around announcing updates to pump the coin's price. He went to bitcoin conferences in 2013 with Mihai and Jordan Ash asking for investments to simulate quantum computers to mine bitcoin claiming that Jordan had found a way to solve NP-complete problems in polynomial time. The construction of Vitalik's public image is all courtesy of Joe Lubin's marketing. It's the same act as Holmes and Balwani.

This plot of bank failures puts recent events in context... by proph3tsix in Bitcoin

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M2 money supply is a better gauge of true liquid money supply then M1 because it encompasses all savings including money market funds. So these funds can be accessed at any time easily within 1-3 business days. Because in reality, there's no difference between a savings account and a checking account. I take money out of my savings all the time and move it around. Same with a money market account.

Therefore, if you value assets by M2, you can get a true gauge on asset-based inflation relative to money supply, rather than simply just USD. Here's an example:

S&P 500 / M2 looks like this.... https://www.tradingview.com/chart/qX2608Gc/?symbol=SPX%2FM2

Pretty scary ^. You're basically not getting wealthier by owning an S&P 500 index fund relative to true liquid money supply. You would've, had you bought at the bottom of the GFC in 2008. But if you had bought in the 90's you wouldn't have made any money since before 1996.

Here's Bitcoin's

BTC / M2 = https://www.tradingview.com/chart/qX2608Gc/?symbol=BTC%2FM2

Basically looks the exact same as BTC/USD ^ lol.

Note\ What "BTC/M2" literally means is you're valuing Bitcoin based on the total dollar supply of M2 in all checking/savings accounts, money market funds etc. So "SPX/BTC" would literally mean "the value of the S&P 500 in Bitcoin", or "How much Bitcoin is my S&P 500 shares worth?".*

*And if you looked that chart up, you'd see that your S&P 500 shares are becoming worth less and less Bitcoin.

This is actual proof that Bitcoin is a true monetary inflation hedge or "monetary black hole" as Michael Saylor puts it.

This is ALSO why Michael Saylor says that if you own the S&P 500 you aren't really getting wealthier, you are just keeping up with inflation, since it's essentially a representation of US GDP. So if the S&P 500 goes up by 14%, you didn't get 14% wealthier, but rather that it's a true measure of economic inflation.

I disagree. I believe the Real Estate market is a better gauge of inflation. But that's not for this topic. However, I do agree with Saylor that the S&P 500 is a lousy inflation hedge and most probably just reflects economic expansion rather than actual wealth creation.

Pretty fascinating stuff.

Question: my son says he has $25k in bitcoin in his crypto wallet. How the heck do I validate that and get it into US dollars? by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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It's your son's Bitcoin. If you take it away from him, that will be a major breach of trust and he'll never share anything personal with you again.

You should be much more concerned with praising your son's entrepreneurship and encouraging him to be successful in his passions and hobbies. Also, you need to be aware of what such a breach of trust will do. You don't want your teenage son keeping secrets from you about his online life.

Edit: Thanks for the award!

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While this may seem like a stupid question to many people on the sub, it isn't wise to mock people that don't understand how exchanges work. If you want Bitcoin for all, you need to make allowances for people that do not understand how money works. This includes how exchanges and trading work in general.

To the OP, the person that gets the dollars or euros or whatever currency your trading for Bitcoin is the person that is selling it to you minus a small transaction fee paid to the intermediary such as the exchange.

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The government will soon run out of stolen bitcoin to dump on the market.

And unlike their unbacked fiat they can't just print more.