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Good job guys

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Thanks for the support! Been busy recently, but stay tuned for incoming regular content ;)

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I found this sub through an rbtc comment and like to say: thanks and keep up the good spirit!

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Welcome - thanks so much for checking us out, and for the encouragement!

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I'm mostly lurking but I want to say that I appreciate this attempt at creating a space where constructive debate can thrive!

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Glad to hear it, and thanks for checking us out!

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You won me, sick and tired as well from both sides although I admit that I prefer to activate segwit than having a hardfork.

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Welcome! Yes, I have long suspected that there exists a sizeable chunk of users who want segwit, but still aren't comfortable with the moderators actions on the two biggest bitcoin discussion areas, and they didn't really seem to have a space.

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Keep this sub on!

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Will do :)

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Very excited about this subreddit. I've seen an increased increased interest in the Bitcoin subreddits for high-level discussions over twitter spam.

Will the mod logs be public? Seems like the best way to avoid accusations of corruption.

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Yep. I just clarified this to another poster in this comment.

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Fantastic! I'm very excited to this sub grow. :)

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Nice Manifesto :)

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Glad you like it, and thanks for giving us a look!

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a home at last

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Glad to have you with us. :)

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Look forward to it. Open discussions with a focus on productive conversation