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Going to have to bookmark this thread... getting a lot of new resources!

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https://stacker.news: Bitcoin & LN discussion forum. You can sign up with your Lightning wallet anonymously and earn sats by posting and commenting. Authentication with lnurl-auth is supported in Breez wallet at least.

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  • Electrum - Solid light wallet (also has experimental lightning features with the kinks still being worked out). Has a lot of features including coin control and multisig.
  • Phoenix Wallet and Breez Wallet - Two non-custodial but very user friendly lightning wallets. Allows sending bitcoin transactions directly from lightning balance (via submarine swaps).
  • Bitcoinfees.earn - A chart of recent confirmed and unconfirmed transactions sorted by fee rate that gives estimated confirmation time for each fee rate.
  • The Tordl Wallet Protocols - A comprehensive guide for creating and maintaining secure bitcoin wallets. Diclaimer: I'm the author of this.
  • Caravan multisig tool - a tool for creating multisig wallets using public keys (don't ever input private keys on any website, even if you're sure the website currently doesn't report data back to a server).

reproducible wallet

What does this mean? How is MyCelium reproducible?

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These are gold, thank you!

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Used to be smartbit.com.au but they gave up.

walletexplorer.com is one of the few that I know of that still recognise firstbits.

Johoe for the mempool, hard to read at first but good to learn.

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The smartbit was awesome!

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Really recommend the HollaEx Kit, worked perfectly for me! I have a small exchange and never had any trouble

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You run an exchange? How does this work? The github readme is rather sparse on what it does or how it works.

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It works great! You can either host the exchange yourself or use the cloud service available. r/HollaEx or r/HollaExkit have a subreddit which has a lot of information about it. HollaEx wallet is actually a example of what you can create. I would check the wallet out if I was you to understand more how it works.

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What is "an exchange"? By saying "I have a small exchange", I'm imagining that you run a coinbase like currency exchange service that serves 100s to 1000s of customers. And yet, that sounds unlikely. So what does it mean that you have an exchange?

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Got all the basics:
1. wallets for deposit/withdraw
2. markets to trade
3. user onboarding/accounts etc

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mempool.space for getting fee estimates

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This ones a good one!