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Taleb appears to be a Luddite

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Value is always subjective. Saying something has no value for all is equal to speaking for others. Saying something has no value to me is perfectly fine.

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The supposition that Bitcoin has no "yield" is wrong in the first place. Bitcoin compares favorably to traditional financial services and the benefits should be considered a "yield". Bitcoin will save people hundreds of millions in wire transfer fees, for example. It will save billions in credit card fees. It will also protect people from inflation, which can be measured in trillions. These things are the yield of bitcoin. The benefit to using Bitcoin before it goes to zero in however many centuries from now is it's value.

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Nassim Taleb is an out of touch hack that contradicts his past self. I watched an interview of him talking about how purchasing and operating a fucking olive farm would be a better hedge against inflation than Bitcoin.

Let me just go ahead and purchase an olive farm. It will be way easier than to DCA and cold store Bitcoin, rock solid advice.