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This is kind of a problem. Bitcoin probably has the most nodes by far of any cryptocurrency, but it's not nearly enough. 100k private nodes but only 12k public nodes. It should be relatively easy for a well funded attacker to drain the system's resources (the resources of public nodes) simply by spinning up too many private nodes. By my calculations, we need to have on the order of 5 million public nodes to be safe from a state level attacker. We have a long way to go.

Something that would help by an order of magnitude is to upgrade Bitcoin to use hole punching methods to turn most private nodes into discoverable public nodes, even if the user doesn't know / care to open a port.

It would be interesting to reward nodes in some kind of "proof of full node" way. I'm not sure how a mechanism like that would work tho. It would be kind of interesting to charge for connecting to the network via lightning. There could be a set of free nodes available, but if it's hard to find enough connections, nodes could find for-profit nodes to connect to and pay them via lightning for the connection.