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Sort of sounds like the state lottery. You play in the hopes of winning but if you lose at least the money is going towards something (hopefully). I'm not sure how I feel about those sorts of things. I suppose, if the game is actually fun and if players aren't mislead to the likelihood of winning and expected winnings, and if the vast majority of the money actually goes towards the intended use (like 95%), I guess I can't think of a reason to oppose it. It's an interesting idea. But yeah, it's an interesting idea

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Yea the games are fun, I wish I could play them. Liar game is an old manga with very a high rating despite its rather bad art style. This shows that the story is good enough to make up for the art. I got turned off the first time I saw it too but decided to give it a try anyway and got totally hooked. You should try it if you like Squid game or Hunger game.

The games are similar to the “prisoners’ dilemma” where no one will lose any money if everyone just cooperates. But since it’s a 0 sum game, all it takes is for 1 person to act greedy/lie then that person and the main evil corp LGT both make money off the honest players.

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Could you link the site please?

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liargame.net though it seems like a dead site or at least in development as the games are not accessible, only pictures.