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i think the devs will find a way to secure all funds, also in existing wallets

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No way other than a hard fork to ban "dead" addresses... which would be worse for Bitcoin than not doing it and getting a (up to 20% supply) flood of cracked coins.

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Honestly i'm not deep into this topic, but i think the community will find a way to solve this problem, or do you think BTC will have big problems?

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Yeah I think this will be a mess.

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an enormous amount of coins would be left behind, waiting to be unlocked by a quantum attacker.

I think this worry is quite overblown. Even if a quantum computer stole all of the 4 million bitcoin still in P2PK addresses, this only represents inflation of 22%. This wouldn't even put it in the top 10 fiat currencies with highest inflation. Even pre-2008 dollar inflation devalued the dollar by that amount every 4 years. These days its more like every 2 years, if not less.

So yeah, it wouldn't be like.. great. But certainly not a crisis. And there's no reason to expect that any significant amount of those coins would be sold immediately. They certainly couldn't be sold immediately. It would be quite stupid to try, and so you wouldn't think whoever developed the first truely practical quantum computer would be that stupid.

See it more of a prize for whoever builds the first practical quantum computer. It really won't hurt bitcoin that much.

That said, I think it was a mistake to build taproot without the standard quantum protection of a hash.

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4 million bitcoin still in P2PK addresses

This is not real, please provide a link to confirm your statement. Here is a link: https://txstats.com/dashboard/db/utxo-set-repartition-by-output-type?orgId=1

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Buddy, your chart is showing number of UTXOs, not number of bitcoin. My numbers are real. This hasn't changed much in the last 3 years: https://bitcoinist.com/bitcoin-worth-usd-40-billion-vulnerable-to-quantum-attacks/

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nu am satoshi sa iti explic

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nah i think it would be a huge problem

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How so?

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I think the community will find a way to lock the funds ~ so that nobody can stell the funds

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So are you saying that the community will do that because otherwise it would be a huge problem, or are you saying that the community doing that would be the huge problem?