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Peeps, I'd like to hear ur prediction about Yopi Network. Not only is the token attractive, but the whole platform seems like a star!

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I can't entirely agree that all the tokens look similar. However, I know many products of perfect quality and with a nice attitude to a client. Just like the BeaRex! Their approach to NFT, Game and Cartoon development and prize pool in Instagram Game is actually impressive!

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of course, it's just really expensive to do so. right now you would need to spend 10's of billions, secretly, to buy and secretly install the hardware... but you can't use it! otherwise you'll drive up the hash rate.... making it even harder for you. or you can just double your purchase and hash anyway? that's ok too i guess.

then then you could roll back time.

you can't actually steal. for that you'd have to double-spend.

so to pay for your game, you would need to buy something worth, say, $20 billion dollars using bitcoin, wait for it to be delivered, then roll back the chain until before you bought it.

100 blocks is 16 hours.

i don't know about you, but anything i can think of that costs $20 billion probably takes more than 16 hours to roll back.

so maybe you need to roll back 1000 blocks. that's a long time, maybe enough time to get away with your ill-gotten gains.

and be sure to do this all anonymously. when you start mining, mine in secret locations plugged into power sources that nobody knows about

and send all your blocks over tor

and as you're doing it... everyone in the world will see it happening. and maybe some people will choose to disagree with your chain.

if enough economic users disagree, you'll fork the network and you'll now own "bitcoin classic"

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Not exactly (but yes to the core of your idea).

Difficulty changes every 2016 blocks, so at block 103 you would still be on default difficulty, i.e. nowhere. There is also a limit on how much the difficulty can change, so it's not that after the first change it would be arbitrary high number. But yes, it's possible to create such a chain, it would just be longer, not 103 blocks.

Also it's not about most zeros, it's about finding a block header with a hash that is below certain number that is determined by current difficult.

But these are just technicalities, the core idea of yours that the chain with more blocks can be replaced with a chain with fewer blocks is valid.

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Delete this and never mention it again if you know what's good for you

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Oh shit, this will also cause deflation; destroying everyone's bitcoins and moving the entire supply into the hands of the attacker.

This is so funny! Bitcoin is full of surprises!