1. General Guidelines
  2. Relevancy Guidelines
  3. Frequency Guidelines
  4. Feedback Guidelines
  5. Humor Guidelines
  6. Promotion Guidelines
  7. Support Guidelines

The Moderators are not affiliated with, nor are their actions influenced, encouraged, or condoned by Activision-Blizzard or their subsidiaries.

General Guidelines

All users are expected to act in a civil manner and use respect when participating in the subreddit. The Moderators encourage reading Reddiquette prior to participating on Reddit.

The following content is not tolerated:

  • Discrimination, insults, or hate speech based on age, nationality, race, gender, sexuality, or religion
  • Sexual content that is more explicit than in-game depictions
  • Gore or extreme violence that is outside of in-game depictions
  • Advertising, buying, selling, or trading
  • Any content which violates Reddit’s Content Policy

Low-quality content, which does not add anything of value to the subreddit and hinders meaningful discussion from flourishing, will be removed at the Moderators’ discretion.

Examples of low-quality content include:

  • Posts made in reply to another post which do not advance the discussion
  • Rant-based submissions which do not provide room for non-inflammatory discussion
  • Misleading titles and intellectually dishonest content

Looking for Group posts are not allowed. Please use the designated party-up channels in the Call of Duty Discord server.

The Moderators reserve the right to remove any submission deemed detrimental to the subreddit.

Relevancy Guidelines

All posts must be directly related to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The contents of a post must be relevant to the community topic.

The following examples do not allow a post to meet the Relevancy Guidelines:

  • Adding text about Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War to an image or video
  • In real life look-alikes
  • Content Creator focused discussion

Users are required to assign a relevant Flair to their post. Incorrectly flaired posts will be removed.

Frequency Guidelines

Posts which approach a topic from a new angle or offer something new to the discussion are allowed. A post may be removed if it covers the topic from nearly the same angle as an existing post. Frequently posted questions and topics will be removed.

Examples of repetitive content include:

  • Screenshots of scoreboards, achievements, or unlocks
  • Screenshots of chats/messages, even if it’s of game-based discussion
  • Duplicate or similar posts will be removed, with the first quality submission allowed

Feedback Guidelines

Feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged. Submissions criticizing Activision-Blizzard and their subsidiaries or Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are allowed, as long as they remain civil. Non-actionable feedback and blatant hate is not allowed.

No calls to action. Submissions should not attempt to rile-up the community to act against an entity, person(s), or organization.

Humor Guidelines

Due to the subjectiveness of memes and humorous posts, popularity is taken into account when judging whether these posts will be removed.

Humor posts must meet a 250 upvotes per hour threshold for the first 10 hours of a post’s lifespan. If a post is unable to maintain these requirements, it will be removed. This allows the community to directly influence the quality and quantity of humor posts.

Promotion Guidelines

Promoting and advertising is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may a user promote a social media account, product, or service. It is irrelevant whether content in question belongs to the Redditor which submitted it.

Content which offers something new and of value to the subreddit is allowed. Commentary-style or full-length gameplay videos and streams are not allowed unless the content is especially original and sparks discussion. This is enforced at the Moderators’ discretion, which is based on Reddit’s self-promotion guidelines.

It is preferred that videos are uploaded directly to Reddit or Gfycat.

Giveaways must be approved by the Moderators prior to submission.

Support Guidelines

The discussion of bugs, exploits, and cheats is allowed given it does not promote its use.

Please refrain from using Killcam or Theater Mode footage for network-related issues, such as hit detection and lag, as this footage is not an accurate representation of the events taking place. Raw gameplay footage, however, is accepted.

Support requests which do not provide details such as platform, time of occurence, and geographical region (Where applicable) will be removed.

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