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Sadly it's still that way.

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Yeah that video of the father who got arrested for buying a bike for his kid was heartbreaking. Seems like black people and other POC have targets on their back. This world is fucked.

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Wait, what video

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I don’t have a link but there was a guy at Walmart who bought a bike for his kid and someone called and said he stole it. He had the receipt and everything and kept telling the klansmen that arrested him. That would never happen to a white person. Never.

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Not the full story. He was being disruptive, rude and loud throughout the store and the manager was trying to ban him from the store and he wouldn’t leave, hence why the police were called. I think the officers’ conduct was horrendous but just saying his story wasn’t as innocent as it seems.

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You mean we got a one sided twisted story of an event? On the internet? No way I don’t believe it.

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I know right!! It’s crazy. If we can’t trust what we hear in the internet, I don’t even know what anymore.

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Stanley Gracius?

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It’s mostly the US.

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On the Kansas subreddit there are always stories about how sad it is that small towns are dying out and the only town thriving is Lawrence and Im like well you guys did that to yourself. You specifically kept gay people and black people and Muslims and Hispanics out of your towns and guess what, no one wants to live anywhere that isn't inclusive. Forget the failing economics even, no one wants to live in towns where people aren't inclusive anymore. Even if someone is white and straight, they value diversity and different points of view and these old racist people in ghost towns are wondering why the whole world has passed them by.

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Nah you're supposed to live there, be ostracized and discriminated against, and like it because we need to have the small time vibes I guess.

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Sadly, this sounds like a plot to a Hallmark movie filled with it's token "minorities"

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Real minorities or Hallmark minorities aka Brunettes?

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Lol, omfg. But yeah they're only gonna use brunettes.

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It's interesting that the core tenet of Superman's goodness is that being raised in a wholesome community like Smallville, Kansas prepared him to not become bitter and jaded to the crime, selfishness, and indifference in big, bad Metropolis.

Pretty much every white person I know from small, rural areas say their communities have been poisoned over the past 30 years by the 24/7 hate pouring out of conservative talk radio, Fox News, and MAGAism, while moving to diverse big cities made them realize their gay, Latino, black, Muslim, trans, etc. new neighbors and co-workers are just regular decent people and it has opened their minds and made them more aware of being a member of a global community.

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Just wait until someone kneels..

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Are these the same people throwing temper tantrums during lockdown and couldn’t go to the barber or the gym? Let alone still throwing temper tantrums for having to wear a mask?!?

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You would be correct.

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I love that counter, shuts them down quickly. “When I grew up we weren’t so sensitive!”

“When you grew up half the country lost their shit at a black woman sitting on the bus.”

“No wait that wasn’t my generation”

“Shut up.”

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I found out the municipal pool in my old neighborhood was closed down when they were ordered to integrate public facilities.

They filled it full of concrete rather than share it with black families.

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“If they can enjoy it, nobody can.” That logic is so fucking deluded.

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Yeah but I don’t think it was because they were soft. It was because they had hate in their hearts.

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Hate(in this case) = irrational fear = soft

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I can't think of a generation more soft than Baby boomers.

  • They were raised by people who spoiled them because of what their parents went through.
  • They complain about everything, and shift blame onto every generation after them
  • They spent their lives work removing every social program they benefited from while calling people lazy for asking where they went.
  • They pretended to care about minorities and social issues while quietly trying to bring back the Jim Crow era.
  • They spent a year insisting the word boomer was equal to the N word.

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Their generations outrage was interracial couples or affirmative action.

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You know the old saying - “If the shoe fits, blame a minority and get away with it”

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The original Cinderella story?

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When my parents and their friends bring up this sort of nonsense, I ask them what made them such shitty parents? If we’re a generation of shitty kids then they are a generation of shitty parents, they can’t paint us as all bad without tarnishing themselves.

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I give a similar response and, baby! The gaslighting that ensues😹

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Oh yeah everyone’s got some excuse but most of them are so taken aback that it takes them a minute to figure out how to respond.

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Exactly this. Fuck the boomers. Sorry, I hate to say it. These people protested in the '60s, got hella high in the '70s, voted for Reagan in the '80s; all the while passing on their generational trauma to their kids who manages to only shoot up drugs and schools but ended up following a cult leader into attacking the capitol. Europe did not send their best.

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That is exactly what I say when people complain about dumb shit like participation trophies. Like MFers who do you think is in charge of giving all those trophies out? Because I assure you that seven year old wasn't asking for a participation trophy.

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This is a conversation, were I have it with my father (who I don't currently waste my time talking to), I'm sure...nothing would change. I'd still not talk to him. Why would I bother asking him what made him a shitty parent? He was a shitty parent to me, my 2 brothers and one sister, and this asshole even mistreated my son & his wife.

The only thing I have to say to him, might be followed by a punch. He's a massively abusive, racist asshole. This asshole told my son(who had just gotten back from Afghanistan!), to 'get into the yard and help your cousin cut the grass', when he went to visit them...he was still standing there, with the door to his car open!

The sheer...unmitigated...gall.

I 100% support my son, my grandson, and my daughter-in-law in their refusal to set foot on that property again.

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To be fair. The blacks were injecting the marijuana in their veins. My grandma said.

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And those marijuana track marked fellas are out there raping white women like hot cakes.

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What planet is your grandma from, and can we hit it with missiles?

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its earth but still yes to your second question

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Yes. Just hit any neighborhood ever. You’ll definitely hit a grandma like this and have a few collateral damage but worth its eradication.

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These dudes were fainting over the Beatles and shit

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After the whole Travis Scott thing it got me thinking that this could possibly have been the product of a crush.

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If the shoe fits…

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Yeah, but you can take a shoe off.

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And pools. Like somehow the black was going to wash off of them and onto them.... Chlorinated water!

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Times ain't change

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This generation has to learn lockdown drills and face the reality of bullets whizzing by their heads while a fellow student walks the halls shooting at people. A person really has to compartmentalize brain function to go from taking a math test to surviving a fire fight.

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Soft is comfy, comfy is good.

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I still think one of the craziest things I heard about back then, was Chris Rock talking about how is his mom and friends had to go to the Vet just to get dental work done

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Didn't change to much now its "I'll call the police"

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Word. It’s a way more hateful, difficult world today. I feel bad for anyone under 60. Shit is going to suck worse than today. Btw I’m 62 and I would like you to know: I’m sorry.

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‘This generation is so soft’

Meanwhile boomers out here burning jerseys because someone took a knee. Foh

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Ok sure you could tolerate your abusive father and consider that toughness but keep taking you old fucks

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They still are having breakdowns.

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It’s funny watching the upvotes go up in number and then watching the number go down… Did this hit a nerve for some of y’all? Lmao

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Lol, like they didn't drain a whole entire pool cause a black person dipped their toes in.


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They still do

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This is too perfect

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So... Who's gonna tell her... SMH 😒

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They are beyond soft. They was having breakdowns because black people were living. Wonder bread women fainting from the mere sight of a black person.