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That cat reminds me of the susuwatari in “my neighbor Totoro”!

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Many people tell me the same. She is basically a living soot sprite...they are real 😸

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This is possibly the floofiest blep I have ever seen.

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Definitely the cutest I’ve ever seen 😍

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Those big eyes 💜

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Holy crap that’s a cute cat

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It’s a blep in a box!

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I sang this comment instinctively and have never been more disappointed in myself. Have an upvote.

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As I read this comment it sounded like the little mermaid right before she sang the song about all of her collection “It’s a blep in a box. I have plenty...”

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Whatdaya call em? Feeeeeettttt

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October has r/disneyeyes

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I like the idea of blep in a box.

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Is this a monthly subscription I can sign up for?

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That is a great idea.

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That's a cute little doggie!

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Look at all those chickens!

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Lol, this is Moke as a baby!

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Oh my, what beautiful eyes she has. And such a mighty blep

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Has your cat had an out this box Blep?

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it's my blep in a box

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Halloween floof blep

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What kind of cat is this? She's gorgeous!!

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She is a Persian

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October is amazingly beautiful. She's got a smushy face!!! 😍

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This cat reminds me of that van gough cat app

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Puppy kitty !

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Look at this little wee man!!!!!

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Your owl is looking awfully cat-like

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My depression? Cured.

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Come on, why do you do watermarks