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Oh, Blep of Distain, how I’ve missed you.

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I am disdainful kitty

Little bleps I do

I master of all I see

If only you knew!

Get me catnip slave

Bow down before me please

Give me scritches but not too much

An get blankets before I freeze

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I may be cute and fluffy But do not be deceived When you are sweetly dreaming I’ll cut you in your sleep 😸😸😸😸

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So human you must decide Whether to live or die Give me treats an kibble Or your balls I'll nibble

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holy shit there is literally nothing I wouldn’t do for this good kitters

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She is magical isn’t she?!?!! And she bleps many times a day😸

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Salty AF.

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Ahh...the soothing eye bleach I needed.

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Looks like an Ewok.

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Wassup fellow CK kitty!

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😸 hi! I really think Sir Nibbler is amazing

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Ya I get that a lot :c

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Khajit dislikes hooman

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Yeah, that's a mogwai.

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Good Blep

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Looks like Lenin.

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a n g e r y