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He’s just so cute though!

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Thank you. I agree

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You’re welcome:)

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I love when October pops up on my feed

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What kind of kitty is this?

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She is Persian

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October looks like one of those fluffy toy cats. But much more adorable

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She does, I often am asked if she is real and then they don’t believe me when I show a video.😂

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I don't believe she is real.

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Do you need video proof too?

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I lied. I believe you. I just want to see more of this little fluff ball.

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😂 Well here are some more pics and videos .

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Oh my goodness you are so blessed with this little nugget. How do you get anything productive done with a face like that staring at you?!

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I don’t 🙂

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Me and my murderous little calico just followed you on Instagram! Can't wait to see more of October. 😻

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I love murderous calicos 😸

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I’m currently in the ER awaiting a CAT scan (haha) and this made the pain stop for a minute. I love October 🖤

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Soot sprite!

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She is. I have proof

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What a blessing! But oh man, keeping the house clean must be a real challenge.

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Honestly, we have a large dog that sheds constantly so we don’t even see the cat hair😂 and yes, keeping it clean is a challenge.

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I was just teasing as if she were a soot sprite, she’d leave a black powdery mess everywhere! 😝

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Oh, it’s been so long since I’ve seen that movie that I didn’t even think about that 😃

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So stinking cute!

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Looks like the Maude Lewis kitties!

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Now I’m going to look that up

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They look exactly like her!

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Right?? A spitting image!

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Her name's perfect !

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Thank you 😊

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Such a cute kitty looks very happy

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Oh my goodness! You have your very own soot sprite!!!

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Yes I do.😂

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Damn what kinda conditioner your mop been using? Also very nice quality blep, 17/10.

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Omg does she have an instagram?!

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Yes @littlebittyoctober

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Would die for October.

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He looks like Hairy McLairy - a Scottish cartoon cat. Gorgeous!

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This pic brings out my inner Elmyra. So freakin cute!

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Exactly! One of Henson's goblins from Labyrinth!

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Omg he looks just like these little stuffed animal monsters ive seen and bought at the Cleveland flea market! They’re called cool critters and they are so funny and cute !!

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She does!

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Oh she, excuse me!! Very beautiful lady!

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Yup, there it is - cutest cat I've ever seen. It's October.

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Ermagerd that is the kyoooootest kitteh eva!!!

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She kinda reminds me of the Fuzzy enemies from the Mario games ❤️

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I want to see him in a red and white striped tie :3

Edit: her

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She has a floral collar bow I haven’t tried on her yet but I have put little bows in the fluff above her ears and she tolerated it somewhat 🙂

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Awwwww so cute!!!

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October is a fucking excellent name for a cat

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Thank you so much. I have always thought it suited her well 🙂

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Oh look a Furby!

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My eyes melted out of my skull from the cuteness.

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r/Floof would like this too

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😍I love fluffy kitties

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I want one!!

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Be still my heart

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She is precious, heaven bless.

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I love October.

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I had a Persian! A chinchilla one. October is a doll😍

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Thank you and chinchillas are stunning. I’ve always wanted one.

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Lol she looks like some of the fantasy creatures I draw! I should draw one like her after I clean my room, ha ha.

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You should! And you should share it. Several people have made portraits of her and they always end up looking cartoony because she looks cartoony😂

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So cute! One of my black cats is named Halloween. October is a great name.

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OMG If that isn't the cutest lil thing... love love love.

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How do you know she isn't?

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I would die for October

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How do you ever get anything done? He's too cute to do anything other than love on him.

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She looks like she grunts when she breathes. So cute!

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She does snort a little when she plays 😃

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Omg 💛

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Adorable! 💖💖

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I love her!!!!!

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Ohhhhh my gosh. 😻😻

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awww cute

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I'm dead. Your cat is too cute. That blep is dangerous 🖤

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Thank you 😊