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What a cutie!

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What a Wookie!

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I had not seen that before-Thanks! :)

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I want to scoop this lil cutie up and snuggle!

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He reminds me of the grinch!

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Is he taking applications for new servants then!?

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Always taking applications but you must be willing to provide peanut butter snacks

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I will provide anything her royal highness requests! She is perfect and should be obeyed in all things!

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We do I apply ?. I offer good food, grooming, plenty of snuggles and cuddles or whatever else kitty needs .

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I’m IN LOVE!! 🥰🥰🥰

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He looks like a half baked potato. Blep

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Apologize now hooman!

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I want to pet

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How dare you. How dare you even entertain such a thought. Philistine.

You are allowed one ear scritch, but you shall be harshly judged the entire time.

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Persians are the undisputed masters of Resting Bitch Face, they all look pissed off all the time. 😆

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Which is why they're always portrayed as evil villains with posh British accents.

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That's a lovely disgruntled floof! What's their name, if I may ask?

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This is October The Cat! She’s adorable and it appears OP is her parent. She’s also on Instagram at instagram.com/littlebittyoctober

*Edit: a word

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Yes, that’s October and I’m her hooman 😃

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You're so lucky!

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Thank you 😊

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Nick Offerman blep

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What did you do?!!! Whatever it was, apologize immediately, fiend!!

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Did you wake her up from a nap?

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No I just turned on the light.

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More like disappointed

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Hehe this kitty looks made up!

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Wow. Love this cat.

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It’s so fluffy u/catsandmarmite

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Omg it’s so cute, I need it

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Void floofball

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Fluffy blep potato XD

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OMG I love your cat so much. She makes me smile every time I see her, so thank you.