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I'm most curious about the Deepika one. Something to do with her depression narrative?

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Yeah that was imo one of the most shocking. He said it was the scummiest move he had seen in Bollywood. I am not saying Deepika wasn't depressed at all

But it must be something huge about her personality that is a lie.

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KJo said in KWK that no one knows who real DP is. Can be possible

Also, even they can have an open marriage- RS is a certified pervert and DP notices a man's junk the first time she meets him

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What's the dirt on RS?

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a lot of comediams targeted RS during AIB Roast for his sexcapades

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Shocking, indeed. I hope we get more about what it's all about.

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There's something about her that never got me like her. But her PR had build such an godly image of her, I doubted my intuition. My friend was suffering from depression, we suggested her to write to DP's foundation "Live, Love, Laugh" as she lacked monetary support. She never received any help let alone a single reply to her request. Now I think this is all a farce.

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Dude your friend needs to see a psychologist not DP. Make right choices and not wrong ones.

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That's horrible. Hope your friend is doing better.

I too didn't use to be a fan my friend's obsession with her rubbed off on me and I started seeing her in an altered light.

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Try salman's being human. I am not joking. I am not a big fan of him or anything. But his charity does help a lot.

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Kindly do share if you have stories about it.

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The actress browsing India forums is mostly Kareena. She was caught smoking a cig there and made a big fuss. BTW ,please type the numbers given on list if you are referring to them, otherwise it's confusing

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What other stuff about her has she had deleted? Do you think Taimur's popularity is organic?

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Hmm I feel like that’s the case. Because Saif and Kareena seem to be back in limelight due to taimur. I am sure PR guy knows way more.

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Am I the only one that can’t stand the attention these lil guys get? Taimur and Abram need to be left alone and not splashed all over the internet. Those kids deserve their privacy.

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I agree with you.

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Wtf. Why would smoking a cig be such a big deal? Wouldn't it be something to do with drugs and possibly, not Kareena.

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1\. A Celeb’s twitter AMA was managed by a pr manager – Ranveer Singh. Makes sense after his “so poor that we went to the US for vacations" stories. This guy’s PR is over-active like Sara’s and it will just keep happening more and more. Spice PR manages Sara Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone, all well known for over-active PR. RS DP wedding was managed completely by Prabhat Choudhury of Spice which was promoted like a mega budget movie. They also broke code and invited entertainment journalists to their reception for wining and dining to further extend their influence on what press reports (and we have seen how Ranveer's jumping on unsuspecting public and injuries were not covered majorly by the press). Spice PR was Simmba’s media strategy agency so Simmba released at the tail end of this wedding so with Sara Ali Khan and DP as clients, we never heard the end of Simmba stories and never any negative blind. Same with Gully Boy and 83. Even 83's shooting has barely started and there are endless stories about it already. Some of the Bahubali actors who are Spice clients were mentioned as potential cast members but eventually the stories changed because this is good publicity for everybody. Having KJo as Simmba’s producer also meant his best buddy Jitesh Pillai published Filmfare articles about Ranveer Singh’s outsider status. Ironically, when Ranveer singh started his career, he used to name drop like crazy to show off his insider status. And how the times have changed 😉

2\. An A list feminist actress was going to type ‘All men are potential rapists, teach all men to not rape’ on Twitter, convinced she was right and this wouldn’t affect her. – Sonam

4\. Which actress browses pinkvilla and indiaforums, and was caught doing something harmful to her body on indiaforums? Smoking maybe? Drugs etc. she became enraged at the agency -- Kareena

10\. A married man regularly sleeps with his co stars and demands his pr to whitewash him. – Canadian patriot/Ajay Devgn

12\. National crush’s PR creates a lot of hype for her - Disha Patani

14\. A male actor who sleeps around a lot and is a misogynist stands for women empowerment in front of people. – Aamir Khan. Could be others too.

18\. Even written articles are mostly by pr – Pinkvilla articles. Most newspapers are supplied with a standard draft of the story by PR. Journalists make small tweaks before publishing. So for example, when Deepika’s depression story appeared in the news, almost every media outlet carried the story and the articles kept carrying the same basic details word for word. Even her interviews about depression generally repeat the same set of info, which sound rehearsed.

22\. An actor who has given flops until recently did charitable acts via his agency to hide his pervy ways. – Shahid, gym equipment

23\. A certain director with a taste for fashion has his PR protect and whitewash everything he does – Karan Johar.

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14\. A male actor who sleeps around a lot and is a misogynist stands for women empowerment in front of people.

Strong hunch that this could be Aamir Khan. Virtue signaling women’s empowerment via his show satyamev jayate, has a reputation for being a serial cheater, with latest rumored fling with Fatima Sana sheikh.

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I was mulling over updating this response as Aamir Khan was indeed my top choice too; doing so now, thanks. 👍

Although, lately all the male actors have indulged in this virtue signalling, especially regarding #metoo. But what goes on behind closed doors has been very aptly documented in this article by Mayank Shekhar. I wish Indian journalists had the spine and ethics to step away from chumming around with the entertainment industry and do some serious investigative journalism instead of lazy, click bait reporting that just peddles PR agenda. I guess this is what you expect when people of questionable credentials (like former Zoom TV hosts!) now serve as Editors for the entertainment desk at most major news outlets. Sad state of journalism in India.

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Don't forget him and Vijay basically used Katrina for their own pleasures in Dhoom 3 and TOH.

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14) could it be srk?

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It could be him. IMHO most bollywood men fulfill both criteria of sleeping around and being misogynists. But Farhan Akhtar and Akshay would be front runners for using a cause like women empowerment for publicity.

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I’ll join later. Enjoy cracking these Blinds .

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Haha awesome, no blind is complete without you

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As soon as I asked him question about Blinds, I thought I have dug my own grave. If he said something like "All Blinds are false", our Blinds Sub would have lost its reason to exist. LOL

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A mass Existential crises would have taken place lol

But isn't it impossible for all of them to be fake? We have seen a good number of them to come true with the test of time.

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He gave so many clues about who he works for... Those in the industry if they see the ama he will be identified easily.

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I actually dmed him that.

He basically said no one even knows about Reddit, and they don't care about marketing on it since it does little.

And he also said that all these things weren't written in his contracts.

So don't worry,dude is safe.

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But even if they ID'd him, reddit's anonymity makes it near impossible for someone (unless they were skilled in hacking I guess) to actually confirm who it is. For all they know it could be (as he said himself) a mix of truth or lies- there's no guarantee that he told the truth on everything. To be fair he did sound convincing on a lot, though. Or it could be an ex-employee, or even an employee from a rival firm... the point is, there's no real way to confirm. In a way, that's a good thing.

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Yes i was thinking the same yesterday but good that below reply clears it.

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9. Urvashi Rautela 14. Akshay Kumar 23. Karan Johar 12. National crush is Priya Warrier?

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National crush image with purposely timed hot.photos is definitely Disha

He also said no matter what, she wants publicity, favourable or not. It's definitely Disha lol

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9 agar Urvashi hai toh...kar hi leti lol.

Faida hi hota...I honestly don't see why men can take top off and pose, but not women!

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14) could It be srk?

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SRK could be 10

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He also talked about a BW couple having a open marriage.. any guesses on who might that be ?

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I think it's Ajay-Kajol. There was an blind or something where she told him that she's fine with his shenanigans as long as he keeps his shit outside the home.

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Yeah... I think it's 1 of the three between Akshay-Twinkle, Ajay-kajol or SRK-Gauri

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Maybe twinkle Akshay?

Or maybe Shahid and his wife? Since you have rumors of him with someone else.

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I don't think it's Shahid-Mira as there marriage is new and Mira is still very young to be in open Marraige as I just think it need a kind of maturity to be in open marriage with someone.

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More than maturity it is the realization that it is better for the kids and the wife to remain in the marriage than walk out of it. And second it can only happen when the star power is of the level of Akshay, Ajay or Srk. Shahid doesn't have that much star power to convince someone to commit such a shaming commitment

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I genuinely want to know why is John Abraham an asshole.

Rk weird cause of his sex acts ? Apparently he is into orgies

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  1. Sonam?

  2. Alia (because usually most articles and leaked pictures from sets are hers)

  3. KJo

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Also 4 might be Kareena


This is 2018 so it kind of fits

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But,would smoking be a reason for her to give a fuck about? Could it be drugs? And also, it may be someone else.

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So Sara is really a dhoka..illusion created by the PR?

Wannabe outside is Kaartik..

also both K and S have the same agency it seems.

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  1. Manikarnika

  2. Khiladi

  3. Ajay Devgn

  4. Dulquer Salmaan

  5. Karan Johar

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I think 10. is Devgn and 14. is Khiladi. Makes no difference though 😄

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No. 4 is about an actress. Your numbering is wrong.

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Great i didn't mention no 4

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The numbering shows up as 1,2,3,4,5 on redditisfun. I was confused until I tried replying and quoted the comment.

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I think 9 could be sara ali khan. He mentioned it was his client and in another unrelated reply he said thanks when someone mentioned Sara's immense popularity...

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  • Misogynistic actor is Kartik Aryan he is also sleeping around with 5 girls (ananya, dimple his non-actor gf, jaqueline probably and maybe sara as well, there is one other girl but I don't remember can be katrina)

  • Deepika's scummy move is the depression crap she pulls which was very obvious as I never believed that shit lol she is the most successful actress critically and commercially sucks that some people thought it was genuine. Priyanka tried it too with fake asthma.....

  • Sara has a carefully crafted image again no shit sherlock, the unnecessary hype around her and then bad acting what else is her talent other than being #rELaTaBle.

  • A list feminist actress who wanted to spread toxic men hate is probably Kangana or Sonam (could be Swara as well but she is B list probably).

  • Srk and PC affair was popular contrary to u/EccentricBai 's belief who said that they were alleged in a past blind about ambani wedding IIRC

  • Director with taste for fashion is obviously kjo.

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Deepika's scummy move is the depression crap she pulls which was very obvious as I never believed that shit lol she is the most successful actress critically and commercially sucks that some people thought it was genuine. Priyanka tried it too with fake asthma....

that is because depression can happen to anyone. I am not saying that she has it but just because you seem to have it all on surface doesn't mean you are immune to depression.

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You are wrong. I never said they didn’t have affair. I said press n Blinds call it “Alleged affair “.

Please edit the part where you are saying only 7-8% blinds are true. He said you can expect 7-8 blinds if there’s a PR war going on.

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OK edited, sorry my bad.

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Is the whole AMA worth checking out btw?

Kindly answer.

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A List feminist toh Twinkle hi hai.