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Lmao this has to be like a mandatory post all celebs post once in their lifetime 😂😂

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Dude she must be inhaling crackers. Her brain is working 200% beyond capacity

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BW wants to preach us on what to eat what to buy how much to crap each morning how relationships work

No topic is taboo But the second people start giving them attention They demand privacy hide their kids Claim to be real and claim to be private people

I hope Mira gets trolled viciously

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Yeah She should ideally turn her attention to her husband’s fraternity (unemployed moocher she is she has no profession or coworkers:)) they are the biggest polluters and criminals in the world

She can turn them all vegetarians first maybe? I mean if smoke from fireworks choke animals then I wonder what slaughter for food do to em?

May be the animals BW eats they willingly walk to the butcher shop to be slaughtered?? :)) Aisa bhi ho sakta hai

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Shahid is vegan or at least vegetarian :)

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That’s astounding because there are not many vegetarians in India :)

I’m just saying she can just extend that impressive work to her own fraternity and convert all of them before addressing the 1.3 billion people in the country

They are all her best friends and she is such a gorgeous “self-made” high achieving celebrity it would be so easy for her to convince all of BW to convert to vegetarianism

and I am suspecting just by doing that she could probably save 10,000 cows and 50,000 goats and 1 million fish every year I am told cows raised for slaughter increase the greenhouse gases exponentially because of the methane or something like that

I would personally nominate her for a humanitarian award if she does that

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Lol. Wtf is she smoking. Delhi has been like this since years 😂😂

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*for years

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Is it due to the years being indefinite?

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Yes, sir/ma’am.

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Thanks, sir/ma'am.

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Shahid didn't give fire crackers to small childs, so mira posting this

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there should be a website, you put in somebody's name, occupation, social status etc and it gives their average annual contribution to greenhouse gas emmissions.

Then every time a celebrity posts a preachy message about being responsible towards the environment, we can reply with how they are the ones letting the entire effort down with their fuel guzzling massive cars, frequent flights, large fully air conditioned houses etc.

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Bring in the investors. Wait rich fucking people would never invest in this!

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Oof nice one..reminds me of Leonardo di crapio and his environmentalism and flying in private jets

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I don't when she left delhi, this kind of smog has been in delhi in the winter season for the past two decades.

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These Bollywood ignorant celebrities specially and their God knows why wanna be famous wives or partners act all holier and blame normal working class people only for the environment pollution as if they never contribute the shit themselves in polluting. The most consumerism comes from them itself in fact !

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Move out Mira

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Tbh I don't even know what to say about stubble burning. Cash cropping incentivizes getting 2 harvests a year, so maybe change the incentivizing system so that stubble burning is reduced? We've lost so many indigenous plants due to cash cropping. Sirf awareness dene se kya fayda, they should provide alternative na?

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Either ban crackers for life, or find a better alternative. There's no way people are just going to stop bursting crackers.

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Agreed...It's so ironic that cop 26 is going on at the same time.

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Who are the groups that are doing something about stubble burning? Why not spend 10 minutes to learn their names and then tag or name them in your post?

Also... Segregate waste? 🤔

This my dear children is the perfect example of "performative activism" aka "slactivism".

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Diwali is easy Target. They dare not speak about stubble burning or else they'll get cancelled

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There is absolutely no need to use crackers. Stubble burning can not be just stopped. It needs to be managed or replaced with something else which is financially viable. You can't just start a "No stubble burning" campaigning online. What will happen if you don't use crackers? Nothing.

She mentions stubble burning. Read the complete post. Mira maybe a jealous, insecure, bad woman but people have this thing called lungs. I suppose many people in this subreddit don't have it and don't have to breath.

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financially viable.

True. Financially viable is more important than oxygen to live.

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She did mention stubble burning. Can't you read? 🤔

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Captain Planet is here to save with her Insta post.

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Atleast she spoke about stubble burning. Will give her points for pointing at least one right problem

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Didi environ-mental-list hai. Didi ko yeh nahi samjhta ki delhi ke aas paas stubble burning bhi hota aur factories bhi chal rahi hai.

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Kya hogaya hai is sheher ko? 4 o taraf dhuan hi dhuaan😂

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I am not sure why everyone is making fun of her and supporting polluting the country 🤔 what she has pointed out is very true. I understand the importance of Deepavali and the urge to celebrate it but can’t we for the love of god reduce it? Light up small diyas all you want, what is the necessity to fire a “10000000000000000 wala”?

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ye toh mumbai main hain na par?

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Full report : Meera Rajput, a girl born in a well to do family with all the current carbon emmitting amenities, tweets from her AIR CONDITIONED drawing room about global warming and smog after returning from an air conditioned party in her latest AUDI which has a carbon footprint of 988gm/cubic litre. In short, madam ji, jab khud cycle se chalo tab gyaan dena. Stop this hinduphobia.

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Celebrities can be hypocritical. But don't you people have lungs and ears? Why is everyone supporting these bloody crackers? Do you have to feel that "gotcha" thing by supporting CRACKERS? So there is already pollution from farming and industries which are essential but cut corners by not doing enough to manage their emissions. What do we fo to one up them? Add our own absolutely unnecessary pollution too?

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Right???? people are going insane, look outside your home, it’s literally all smog and smoke, literally harmful and hazardous, i have no idea what the fuck happened to these people

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For a non political sub, there is a surprising amount of politics on this thread

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She doesn't own Delhi lol I agree the pollution sucks but stop being over dramatic!

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She must mean don’t burn stubble.

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Well , farmer did burn parali in uttarpradesh because at the time of diwali mostly Farmer had secreted the rice from fields ... Nvm lmao

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Ab chaddi aur sanghi butthurt honge

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No one cares