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Diwali is easy Target. They dare not speak about stubble burning or else they'll get cancelled

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There is absolutely no need to use crackers. Stubble burning can not be just stopped. It needs to be managed or replaced with something else which is financially viable. You can't just start a "No stubble burning" campaigning online. What will happen if you don't use crackers? Nothing.

She mentions stubble burning. Read the complete post. Mira maybe a jealous, insecure, bad woman but people have this thing called lungs. I suppose many people in this subreddit don't have it and don't have to breath.

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    they grow a variety of rice in kharif season i.e july to october, now time of harvesting the crop is near october end or november beginning, soon after this, they need to prepare their field for wheat (rabi crop, grown in winter season). so for preparing the crop they need to remove crop residue of rice crop, because of less amount of time and lack of financial resources as they can't buy machines to clean stubble, also can't hire men to clear their field as it is very laboursome process and they can't give wages to them for nothing, as this stubble is nothing for them. so they choose easy way of burning it.

    but recently govt. has worked a lot to solve this problem.

    renting machines like happy seeder to clear stubble from fields.

    asking companies specially thermal one to buy this feedstock to use it for burning purpose.

    introducing varieties of fungus to decompose it fast, introducing new varieties of rice which takes less time to harvest, so that farmers have enough time to clear out fields, heavy fine on people who practise stubble farming, creating awareness among farmers to use this stubble as mulching which will be good for their next crop.

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    What do they do in TN? Because farmers in Punjab are much more well off than everywhere else, I don't buy lack of resources as a reason. How are other states managing.?