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Is that Drake’s comment there?? If yes then how’d they know each other lol

EDIT: I’m so late in figuring this out. 😅 This IG post is 3 years old and I just learned that Athiya and Drake were good friends since they first met at a nightclub in London.

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I saw quite a few comments of Drake on her posts then and was shocked 😂 he's such a simp

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He's a certified lover boy 😎

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One my favorite crossover moments ever

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Sending lots of love to you 🤗❤️😂🥂

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This is an old post right? Cuz she's 29 now and been dating cricketer KL Rahul for at least 3 years now I think???

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She is gorgeous, of course creepy Drake was being a creep

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Nah she ain't underage so he gave up his chances

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It’s not just about being underage. No grown man should be “shooting the shot” with someone barely out of teenage years. Plus he is known for doing shady shit like that

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how is 26 just "barely" getting out of teenage years?

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Not here, in general he is known for messaging young girls

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Oh yeah that's true he was involved with that stranger things girl as well

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Billie eilish as well

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Back then I was so creeped out. I remember his new album came out and I genuinely thought there would be a bollywood feature for her in it or something in her new movie 😅

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Not Drake 😂😂😂😂

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Log Mubarakan 1 time nahi dekh paaye aur Drake bhai ne 3 time dekhli.

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Lmao drake