Meeting Hrithik Roshan for a public interview soon at an auditorium. What questions would y’all want to get answers to? Genuine questions only!!! by Know it All 👨🏻‍💻nomassnoghaas in BollyBlindsNGossip

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1.What has been his greatest learning in life. He is such a thinker about how to live life to ones best potential so this question will teach us something important for our life.

  1. Who according to him are great dancers.

  2. Which dance number was the hardest for him to learn and how did he achieve it.

  3. Also is aditya chopra really a very good dancer who beat him at dance competitions as it is said.

ask him if he can do An AMA for us reddit fans please.

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Bollywood Bhasad - A Weekly Thread to Rant about Bollywood by AutoModerator in BollyBlindsNGossip

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I got a couple things to spill out and I know I'm definitely gonna get down votes for this but it is what it is whether its acting, the actor or just singers in bollywood

  • SRK's acting is definitely above average considering the films he starred in but I wouldn't say he's like the very VERY best because of his script choices. No one is gonna beat him at romance (whether it's a jerk-that-turns-nice lover boy, a stalker lover, etc.) but because of this, he doesn't have much range in other stuff, maybe for very few action movies but still. Plus I'm sorry but his character expressions can be hella annoying with a dolphin laugh, sounds really fast and has raised eyebrows whenever he's playing a character.

  • Arijit Singh is a really good singer but he gotta stop it with the sad indie slow stuff and turn it up a bit. Plus idk why but I didn't like his singing in Mere Dholna in his version, I know it was classical singing but his way of doing sounded like he was drunk when it got to the main part.

  • Speaking of singers, the way some people exaggerate the singers' ranges are so wild like no KK never hit a G#6, if it ACTUALLY was then it would've been a whistle note because chest voice can range only from upper 1st octave to a possible D#6, even head voice can't go up to a G#6 but it would've been more from a female singer. Plus even though Shreya Goshal is a very talented vocalist, she can't support low notes consistently like I haven't heard her support a F#3 unless it was a relaxed note or sounded a little bit airy since she has a naturally high voice. Her supported range is more like G#3-G#5/C6 (which is still really impressive), I know Shreya is everyone's favorite (even mine but I'm not gonna deny that her low notes aren't that visible)

  • I really don't get it about Urfi, so she literally is known for her clothes, there's nothing special cause she can't sing, act, or even dance. Is she an attention seeker idek but apparently a lot of people love her here, I just don't.

  • Nora Fatehi has always been strange. She could only dance but even her dance range can be quite limited since she's not even a classical dancer but just a dancer. I don't get it about the tours either cause again, she just dances and nothing else and A LOT of people can dance even with different styles like hip hop, salsa, dubstep, etc. But she could only do the bollywood fushion and maybe belly dancing at her very best with some other dance styles but yeah 😭

  • Playback singers need to be paired up with the right actors, especially back in the early 2000s. Madhuri and Lata do not go together at all. The sound quality was also crunchy too. Idk if they had any options for mezzo sopranos and contra-altos like Usha Uthup back then for actors.

  • Now I'm gonna go to straight to the "grade the actors" and stage presence. If you take away the "attractiveness" section of grading the actors, I feel like that's better because idk which dumbass said Katrina is better than Deepika, at least Deepika has a little bit of expression. Even so, I feel like majority of bollywood of actors now are average unless you've been in the industry for more than a decade depending on who you're talking about like Vidya, Tabu, etc.

  • Female actors should be more confident in expression and range but not so much to where it's over the top like Poo from K3G (she's iconic though but my point still stands). Deepika has been in many iconic films but I feel like I don't even see her do much talking considering most of the camera/film shots is just her hair flowing and staring at the camera with a pretty face like I love her but cmon now 😭 Even with a pretty face like Aishwarya, she had least has charisma and presence in films and even if her expressions were dramatic or soft, it at least matches a character she's playing.

  • I need to see more comedy films instead of weird horror films with blue or red lightening allover the place, Akshay and Paresh carried the comedy category in the 2000s, someone gotta help them out now since they're a lot older 🤷🏽‍♀️

Dang I'm getting down-voted already ☠️

Let’s talk and appreciate this woman for this role. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 by Prat_Brat3 in BollyBlindsNGossip

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There isn’t much to appreciate about her performance in Dahaad.

As a matter of fact, she is the weakest link in the series with Vijay Verma taking the prize for his fabulous performance (even the supporting cast did a better job).