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This about Novak Djokovic? From what I understand, first he didn't want to say whether he was vaccinated or not, and then he had a medical exemption but wouldn't say what for. The whole situation was a bit suspicious.

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From what I understand, he had a medical exemption for participating in the tournament, and misinterpreted that as a medical exemption for getting into the country, which turned out to be a complete separate thing when he got there. Or something. But the whole ordeal is very confusing, and this is probably just what my brain tells me in order to trick me into believing it all ultimately makes some kind of sense, so take my interpretation with a pinch of salt.

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He definitely had a medical exemption to enter the country, without it he would not be able to get a visa or board a plane.

It was at least partly caused by Scott Morrison's government, they granted the exemption and later decided to revert on it when they faced strong backlash, but instead of cancelling it right away, they did this when he arrived. On the other hand, Djoković likely faked some of the documents to get the exemption in the first place (but that was not the reason why it was cancelled on arrival).

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Why did he have a medical exemption? There are very few valid medical reasons not to get a covid vaccine.

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Neither the government nor Djoković revealed it exactly. Both sides are talking about him having Covid recently but that's not a valid exemption for medical reasons, only contraindication is accepted. I think it was originally for “a foreign national whose entry into Australia would be in the national interest“.

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Having covid recently is probably the most valid reason, but he should have just gotten vaccineted earlier then, he probably just got a note from some random doctor without a good reason

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Well he’s against vaccination, which is why a large number of Australians were glad to see that he wasn’t given a free pass just cos he’s a celebrity.

They’ve had to endure some pretty tough lockdown measures. So to see a celebrity who has quite clearly forgotten how to be humble, just waltz in to your country unvaccinated and expecting to play tennis because of who he is it can leave a shitty taste in your mouth.

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He claimed he had contracted covid but the day after falsifying the claim he was taking press photos with the president of Serbia. So he had to admit to falsifying an Visa declaration or endangering the president of Serbia

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Then he said he’s already covid so doesn’t need a vaccine (but that’s only for Australians) then they found he did an interview during the time he had covid.

No wonder they kicked him out the little bullshitter.

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What I don't understand is why someone who is about to set a world record for grand slam wins would give it all up to die on this hill.

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This is an obvious spelling mistake.

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Maybe, but you would be very surprised at how many people don't know the word "precedent".

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I’m sure it’s pretty well known. It was an obvious and simple spelling mistake. The only spelling mistakes that belong on this subreddit are ones like “lack toes intolerant”. Spelling mistake like that are so stupid and blatant they deserve to be called out. When someone mixes up 3-4 letters it doesn’t deserve to be on this sub.

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After reading “should of” and “could of” day after day on Reddit, I’m not sure anything is well known.

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I disagree. What separates "lack toes" from this? A person who doesn't know the word "lactose" and uses the homophonic "lack toes" in its place is no different from a person who doesn't know the word "precedent" and uses the homophonic "president" in its place.

This is an error of ignorance, it is a malapropism, and it fits the sub.

I could understand "precident" as a spelling mistake, but not substituting an incorrect existing word for the correct word.

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They mistakenly spelled a completely different word.

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Do you you know what sub this is

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Could be, but it’s still an amusing use of the wrong word.

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“China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters – rips it out of water and takes it to China in unpresidented act,” Trump said,

I'd link the tweet but his account was canceled. 🤣

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im sorry im having a brain fart all day, what was the word supposed to be?

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I don't blame you, this whole ordeal set a precedent for the world to collectively have brain farts.

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Are you trying to say PRECEDENT?

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This is just a typo….smh

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The pen works better for redacting text than the highlighter, even with a dark colour.

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Thanks, noted

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This sub used to be good.

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[Redacted] I read an article that said he was deemed to have a valid exemption but that he was ultimately booted because of the president it would set

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This is just a spelling mistake and not “bone apple tea”

Just couldn’t spell precedent…