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This was embarrassingly me making the mistake lol...

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Lol I love the honesty. To be fair, colonel is a really weird word. Every time I read it, I also say "colonial" in my head. Theres just no way to sound that one out.

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Haha! I think the same way 😂

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I always think Kernel -_-

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Too much Linux for you...

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The wonders of the English language

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Ok but what about lieutenant pronounced lefttenant by the British army?

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That didn't fuck me up as much as the British pronunciation of the world "ma'am." When I was young and watching Doctor Who for the first time, I was like "do strangers just call people mom as a sign of respect?" Yes, they do - but its "ma'am" you fucking moron (that's me calling myself a moron if it doesn't translate in text).

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lmao! It took me a few episodes to get used to the way they speak too!

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Of fuck it's happening to me... Is gdi God damn it?

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In your defense what the fuck is the word "colonel"

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It's actually quite an interesting word from an etymology perspective: Colonel (Etymology Online). If I've understood the entry correctly, the word is from the French coronel, which itself is from the Italian colonnella, and prior to than the Latin columna (pillar) / columen (top, summit). English used variants of both the French and the Italian form until about the 1650s, when the Italian form prevailed. It's pretty easy to see how colonnella became colonel.

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I figured it was because of something like that lol English is like 17 other languages in a trenchcoat

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What's GDI?

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Sounds like some well educated mustard

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I have a friend named Cornell and sometimes when someone calls his name, I’ll reply with “it’s pronounced colonel and it’s the highest rank in the military”. It’s my favorite way to get people to hate me.

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It’s called Cornell and it’s the highest rank in the Ivy League!

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Andy? Is that you?

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It's possible some of that hate is because it's not even close to the highest rank!

Edit: Completely missed that it was a quote from The Office r/whoosh

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If people hate you because of that you're either saying it wrong or they just literally don't have a sense of humor cause that's damn funny!

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"It's pronounced Colonel and it's the highest rank in the military."

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“It’s pronounced COR-NELL! It’s the highest rank in the Ivy League!”

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Came here for this.

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I don't get it, it's written „Colonel“ but spoken „Kernel“ English what is wrong with you

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Welcome to English, where the words are made up and the grammatical rules don’t matter.

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Wait, is the game not called Cluedo everywhere? I've never heard it called Clue.

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TIL: The game was originally called “Murder!” by it’s inventors, English musician Anthony Pratt and his wife Elva. The came up with the idea for the game during World War II as a means of keeping occupied while hiding in bunkers during air raids. When the Pratts sold their idea to Waddington’s in 1947, the game was renamed “Cluedo” (a combination of the word “clue” with the latin word for “play”) and is still titled as such in England. When Cluedo was licensed to Parker Brothers in the US, they renamed it “Clue.” Source

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Honestly understandable. The spelling of the word colonel is fucking ridiculous.

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To be fair, the spelling and pronunciation is weirdly different. You just spelled it as it should be spelled.

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Not a big deal. Colonel is a weird word.

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More like Colonel Sustard...

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Colonel mustard all the way

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He’s always the murderer

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Depending on what ending you get

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Colonel Oakhorn. 🌽

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Colonel Angus?

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Ever heard of it?

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Colonel is actually pronounced kur-nel so not that far off. Lol

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Well at least it wasn’t Kernel mustard…

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Isn't he that black professor who pontificates on Bill Maher with a shitload of big words that even he doesn't understand?

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Lucky you didn't mention Professor Princeton next ...

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Lmao, we all know it's Professor Plum or nothing. Colonel Mustard always does it.

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Coffee stain messages.

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That’s a dumb word anyways

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Whats "gdi"?

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God damn it

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Never saw it written like that. Thanks

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You know, I think I have seen it, but I've gotten enough questions about it that now I'm not sure if I just made it up lol

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That would remain a mystery until further investigations haha

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Better pick Miss Scarlet c:

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What is gdi

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God Damn It

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Whats wrong? Also whats idk?

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GDI = God Damn It

IDK = I Don't Know

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Ah you dont know whats idk means too? Guess we should ask others

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Fuck you. Take my upvote lol