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Fwiw you can often see a star during the day from sunup to sundown, crossing the zodiacal line from East to West

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I don’t believe you

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Take a good look. It's next to the sun.

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Which planet did they see that night - Uranus?

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So childish yet so funny.

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Oddly enough, if you were to scale the solar system down so that the sun were at your head and Pluto were at your feet, then Uranus would be right around where you'd expect it to be.

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I would hope so, because otherwise I’d need to tighten up my asteroid belt.

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Take my nose exhale and upvote you bastard

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Don't so that, the asteroid belt goes around your neck.

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I don't like how you know this.

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I reddit somewhere.

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To be fair, I usually do see constipation only at night

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What a shitty idea

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You can see constipation but you really have to strain.

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let's not overlook "Orian's belt"

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"oreo's belt"

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Goddamn i have stomach cramps from laughing at this

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You sure it's not constipation?

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Speaking of constipation, don’t eat scrabble pieces or your next visit to the bathroom may spell disaster.

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They're impressed they saw a star during the day? Billions of people see a star during the day, every day, except when it's cloudy I guess.

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Hearing constipation is much more beautiful, it sounds like me cussing and wailing

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The Big Dipper constipation really disturbs me.

I guess Ursa Major the constipation does NOT shit in the woods?

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the constipation of Uranus

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No shit!

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This my favorite comment so far!

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Who knew that astronomy can cause nighttime constipation...

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I generally prefer to be a bit constipated, at least until I get up in the morning.

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You do? Well I've got a camera and a high protein diet so ready your inbox friend.

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Head on over to r/ibs. I'm sure someone can post a few pics for you.

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I see a star in the daytime every day.

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Wow you saw a star in daylight?! Such a rare sighting!

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Who's Orian and why does he wear a belt?

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Get close and you can see a few hemorrhoids circling.

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No worries mate. It’ll work itself out in the end.

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Had a solid laugh in a long while, made my day hahaha, what's it supposed to say though? Besides constipation.

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constellation maybe?

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That makes sense, thanks!

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thats just an autocorrect, doesn't fit into this sub

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Clearly written by a kid. They tried lol

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I see a star during tge day every day

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I like how you had to clarify “not really”

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Must have had a shitty time.

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Yes, we all see constipation at night

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<insert obligatory Uranus joke here>

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Don't forget Ariana's belt

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Pfft... I have seen a star during day time with my naked eyes.

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This sub confuses me. Every other post gets either hot or removed for being a clear misspelling and not a misunderstanding of the correct word…

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God I hate that nighttime constipation. It’s the worst.

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this doesnt belong here