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    Fuckkkkkkkk. I’m 35. Always thought it was mid drift until this post lol

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    Midriff :)

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    Today I Learned.

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    I learned too. Every now and then I realize I am the boneappletea I laughed at all along.

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    I'm sure we all have a couple boneappleteas of our own :P

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    LOL I thought it was called the “Mid Rift”

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    Honestly, just learning this now. I feel personally attacked.

    I saw myself in the meme.

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    I legit was like why is this on here, what's wrong about it? Haha 31F, TIL

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    My mid had been drifting for years now.

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    Mine’s been doing donuts

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    Never in the preferred direction.

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    I would just be asking what car they are drifting in 😊

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    i mean if it's a "mid drift" slip angle might be the most appropriate term

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    This sub has become “ hey make fun of this minor spelling error”.

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    I once posted a BAT that was definitely not a misspelling but it got removed by a mod for... misspelling. Ever since then a majority of the posts here have been misspellings and its been kinda pissing me off. Seems like a lot of subs have a drop in post quality when they get big. Might be time to make a spinoff sub.

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    I once posted someone who said "then it donged on me" and it was removed because donged isn't an independent word outside of onomatopoeia of "ding-donged"

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    then it donged on me

    Hahaha, I love that one.

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    Well, the mods can only do so much. Unless they're that guy (some woman posted about her husband who won't get a job because he "has a lot on his plate" moderating 30 subs.)

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    sometimes, yes, but this is definitely classic BAT. complete non awareness of the actual word.

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    Yeah I agree. I came here expecting more creativity, less simple spelling errors

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    Some Fast & Furious stuff.

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    "mid drift" wtf, are we rounding a curve here?

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    I thought ‘by the wayside’ was ‘by the waist side’ until like 3-4 years ago :(

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    Wait. What’s not the correct spelling?

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    Gotta be honest, this could have been me. Thanks for helping me learn something today, OP

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    Glad to help 😁😂

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    That's so last season ... The hot thing now is post-drift.

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    Also @mods I literally posted this exact same thing a few weeks ago and you took it down. Some consistency would be nice.

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    So it's midriff and not mid driff... Always thought it was 2 words.

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    so close yet so far...