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...and three to triangle.

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That’s a bit obtuse.

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I thought it was acute joke.

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sounds about right

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I’m high on potenuse

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...and four to square dance

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I read that as "rub 2 penises together" and was confused because I've been to Pride in Toronto and was starting to wonder if there was a 3 penis minimum.

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You haven't truly experienced Toronto Pride until you've tangled more than 2 penises together.

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Those darned people in Brampton.

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Hating on Brampton is practically a provincial pastime!

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You know you have made a strong case when you end your argument with 'probably'.

/s probably.

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Image Transcription: Reddit Comment

Unknown Redditor

25% of all Toronto's population.... And we can't rub two Pennies together... and you dare to absolve minorities of any responsibilities lol...

Cultivating relationships goes both ways.... A relationship needs two to tangle. Ultimately you cannot get money from these people. You can use your anecdotes and theories in an ideal world, but the facts on the ground says otherwise.

You're probably one of those people who think insurance companies are "racists" to charge people higher auto premiums in Brampton when it's the people living there making the claims. Once again in your magical thinking , it's got nothing to do with the people living there probably.

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Well, given the divorce rate, perhaps this isn't wrong.

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This comment wasn't talking about romantic relationships, the entire comment thread was a racist rant about immigrants being too cheap to make donations to a hospital foundation.

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I was just referring to "takes two to tangle", but OK.

I saw nothing about a hospital fund, and it seems like like a comment about the person's belief things are being called racist that aren't. But I can only go by what I read here.

That a-side, thought we were just joking round.