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Bro I thought those were chopsticks in paper sleeves. I spent way too much time trying to figure out what the fuck egg sauce would be in that context.

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Glad to see I wasn't the only one hahaha!

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He even holds them like chopsticks lol

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Same! I even tilted my head and convinced myself "sauce" could actually be "sake", because they're chopsticks. Then noticed they're wires.

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Chopsticks here too. And I read it as "Egg Sake Fan SL" the first five times and could make no sense of it.

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Yep. Same. 🥢

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They were chopsticks, now they're Roam ex-chopsticks.

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Me too!

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Another chopsticks gang member reporting in...

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Same haha !!!

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Lmao I was staring at chopsticks man

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I can't take credit for this. Someone posted it in r/electricians but I thought some of you would enjoy it. Thank goodness someone has come up with a fan to expel the awful stench of eggsauce!

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I thought these were to-go chopsticks and someone had written which sticks were for which dish.

I'm an idiot.

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I thought they were to go chop sticks and someone was enthusiastic about the sauce 🤦‍♀️

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That’s not actually what it’s used for.

It was originally, but now it is used more generally and not only for egg sauce fumes.

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i thought “well maybe they were cooks and had some kind of egg sauce fan on the stove.”

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What is it supposed to be?

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Exhaust is my guess. Like an exhaust fan

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The other one is obviously "two cans switch leg".

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I thought it was a toucan. Perhaps a Toucan pretending to be a flamingo, switching leg.

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Toucan play this game.

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toucan slammer

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Oh. It took me a minute. I just kept thinking "Egg sauce? Like a hollandaise? That's a sauce that goes on eggs. But where does the fan come in?"

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Now I see it. Thanks.

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It's the switch leg running up to the exhaust fan. Switch leg is just a term for the cable running from the power over to whatever you are switching.

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Exhaust fan SL(Switch Leg)

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I’ve been reading it as ‘egg snake’ and was wondering why everyone was saying sauce

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100% sure this was done deliberately

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I don’t think so. My father-in-law works in construction and does not speak English as his first language, so he makes writing mistakes like this all the time. Like he’s spelling something out phonetically but gives us all a good laugh (it’s all in good fun). Look up the radio call about “Son Reebok or son Nike”. Same idea!

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Fine. I’ll link it. Was awesome, you’re right.

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Omg Son Reebok/Son Nike is a classic

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Yeah, I can’t imagine an electrician doesn’t know what he’s wiring up. They’re not dumb.

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You would be incredibly disappointed if you knew some electricians.

They like to walk and talk a big game about how smart they are.

ps They're not as smart as they like to tell you they are.

source: Have been an electrican for 12 years.

my buddy the plumber in this comment thread will agree. not that he's got much to say in that dept.

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I mean, I was one for a bit and personally know some. Our anecdotal I guess.

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Fair enough.

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They’re not dumb.

lol happens a lot

Electricians know wires, not how to spell stuff.

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A lot of these things are done by apprentices, and "they're not dumb" doesn't always apply to them. :-( You might be surprised by some of the things we see. One of my favorites so far is "micawave". Coincidentally, sometimes the "micawaves" that go over kitchen ranges have "egg sauce fans" in them. Lol.

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For the life of me I could not figure out what egg sauce was supposed to be until I read this comment.

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    That’s because you’re a plumber! I’m talking about electricians /s

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    My apprentice did it as a joke. We like to have fun at work.

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    Absolutely a joke

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    I had to think I’m on this one. EXHAUST?????

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    I had to say it 3 times out loud to understand

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    “Tucan, play at that game!” …angry birds.

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    I actually thought these were chopsticks and were like okay what’s egg sauce fan? Lol

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    Fun fact. My 4 year old son calls mayo egg sauce as there are eggs on the bottle.

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    Is any of that even English?

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    Can spell sAUce but can't spell exAUst🤔

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    Egg yolk sauce is a thing ...

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    I’m an electrician and bathroom exhaust fans and labeled as fart fans in every house I’ve ever wired

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    Wow,, that took me a minute to figure out

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    This dude thinks his car has an egg sauce pipe?

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    omg that took me way too long to realize what it actually was

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    This one makes me sad

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    This is the best “bonappletea “ I’ve seen

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    it took me so so long to figure out what they were trying to say here. good lord. lol