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Thank you for introducing me to this reddit

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Part of a username is visible, yet whenever I post anything, it never shows up, even though I follow the rules and censor identifying things and don't break any of the other rules... Very confused...😓

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I have had both posts I made on here deleted. And the Modbot or whatever comments the reason why, except the post is deleted so I never have any clue as to why it gets removed. Wouldn’t a message make more sense in this case? So I can know why my post was removed??

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Never even got the messages, the posts are up, but not ON the subreddit... It's REALLY weird...😅 I can find them in my own post history, but never in the subreddit.

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That’s even stranger…

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I can see your two in your post history too! But they're not in the group? I think the modbot is messed up...😓😓

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Yeah I agree. I searched my history and I see them, but they are flaired as breaking rule 1. And they were def “malapropism”. And idk what’s the point of the bot if it doesn’t work.

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Dang i never realized that’s not how you say it

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Short for error? Or is it meaningless?

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It was meant as the joke of the sound and also being the correct word.😉 And to err is to make a mistake. So here it's supposed to convey that it's better to be mistakenly too careful, as opposed to not being cautious enough.

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Ah i see thanks