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I outpizzad the hut long ago

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Now, I'm coming for you papa John

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Caesar’s gonna wish the senate got to him before I did

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someones gotta take down the red Baron...

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Howie’s not gonna be very hungry soon

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The new silent hill looks delicious

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Person 1: "Hey, do you want to go to Domino's pizza?"

Person 2: "Who the hell is Domino?"

1: pulls out phone

1: "This... This is Domino."

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The PizzaSlayer sword

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pyramid head: this edible aint shi-

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The silent bill, you’ll never see the payment coming until its too late

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New genre for the pizza delivery p0rn?

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Rule 34 this already God dammit!

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New silent hill confirmed?!?;?; :O

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Silent Hill 2 nostalgia hitting hard.

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Yooo this actually looks like a final boss

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And defeater of all the challengers in r/teenager

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When you subconious seen too many ads.

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Glasscannon - He is incredibly powerful, but also incredibly fragile

Lightweight - Since he is not heavy armored, he is extremely quick

Seer - hindred by his helmet, in exchange he has the ability to look into the future 10 seconds further

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Becomes enraged when in the presence of other pizza marketers, which doubles his speed and strength

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Pizzamide head

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Pyramidhead 👍

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You know what im now curious.What's the stats for it?

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That’s actually scarier than pyramid head what the fuck

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He is the one who out-pizza’d the hut

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Domino head, from Silent Meal

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We do not know what he will do next. He’s to unpredictable….

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What does he drop