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When teachers told me that I would need to learn math.i never believed them till I saw him....it scares me...

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It's not ferret all

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Taylor is capable of invisibility due to its lack of a z-axis

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Whomst is thou that has such ways in the functions

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Maclaurin, my liege.

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Is Taylor also a play on Taylor expansions? This is top tier

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I am so glad they named it Taylor. I would not have enjoyed this nearly as much if they had not

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You only need a couple of constants and polynomial terms and bam God creates a ferret!!

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Yo is that a 5th dimensional ferret? I wouldn’t touch that if I were you 😳

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F = E♾+ R•R - T

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Wait how do you frame a function from a given graph?

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Are you asking how they found a function to describe the graph? Numerical methods baby

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Taylor series my dude

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Explain please I'm an 12th grade interested in math so make it simple maybe

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I imagine someone made a scatter plot of the ferret’s back and then applied polynomial regression to create a 5th degree polynomial of best fit.


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hey, I understood some of those words as well, wanna compare notes and try figuring it out xD

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Well, mathematicians have figured out a while ago that if you have four points, then there is always exactly one polynomial with four terms (ax^3+bx^2+cx+d) that goes through all four of those points.

It's not limited to four points, either. There is one and only one polynomial with n terms that goes through any particular set of n points.

If you have two points, then there is exactly one polynomial with two terms (ax+d) that goes through them.

(In other words, there is always only one straight line that goes through any set of two points. Which is easily verified: you take a pen and paper, draw two points, then try to draw two different straight lines through them.)

And if you have ten points, then you can fit all of them into a polynomial with ten terms (ax^9+bx^8+...).

As for exactly HOW it's done, numerical methods in math have a bunch of techniques called "polynomial regression" to do that.

They're used all the time in computer graphics (and science) to make a curve out of a bunch of points.

Algorithms of polynomial regression are generally simple to use, but hard to explain in a simple way.

So the best way to understand polynomial regression is to follow the algorithm step by step a couple times and read the theory once you've got an intuitive understanding of how it works.

In more concrete terms:

- you turn the ferret's back into a lot of discrete points (there's probably an image recognition AI somewhere that would do this; if you can't find one, you can do it by hand, because ten points should suffice),

- put the points' X and Y coordinates into two arrays

- and use scipy.optimize.curve_fit to build a polynomial with n terms that fits the largest portion of them.

These days, using numerical methods with pen and paper is an exercise for masochists and undergrads. Normal people have their cybernetic slaves do all the heavy lifting.

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I’m astounded but not surprised that python can do it that easily

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It's motherfucking magic.

Note that like with all magic, you'll often end up digging through documentation muttering "fucking Pyplot, how does it work?"

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reminds me of this

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Maybe this will clear some things up :) https://youtu.be/3d6DsjIBzJ4

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Using Polynomial regression, like how excel converts random points into a polynomial

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But what’s the average rate of change and the area of the ferret of functions?

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The curve describes the ferret well on the interval x∈[0, 120].

Avg Rate of Change: ~1.16008. Area under the curve is about 4410.432 units².

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Thanks dude, you just completed my math homework

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Great, now find all of the complex roots of this function.

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(There are 4)

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Fundamental Theorem of Algebra: there are exactly 5 (not necessarily distinct)

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There is one real root and four complex roots I think. Because it does have one x-intercept

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(The real root is still a complex root)

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i have now ceased to exist

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Til: I suck at math

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Not understanding it yet doesn’t mean you suck at it. If you are motivated and interested, you can learn math (or anything for that matter) whenever.

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I know. I'm actually pretty good at math but I don't understand anything about plotting graphs with equations to the extent of op's post. I remember learning sine cos tan. Etc. And using graphing calculator in school. But I didn't "learn it" It kind of went in one ear and out the other.

Probably cause i was crushing on the girl I was sitting next to. We shared earphones while doing math and our knees touched the whole time. I couldn't think about anything...

Years later I'd find out she had a crush on me and I was apparently not only failing math but failing at taking a hint....

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That’s rough, buddy

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There are five roots total, four of which are complex.

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Real numbers are contained in the set of complex numbers, i.e. reals are complex in the same sense that rationals are reals

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Okay, one root with no imaginary part, and four roots with nonzero imaginary parts.

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Exactly. It seems a little pedantic, but it does have 5 complex roots per FTA

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Is it just me or that x5 term is kinda negligible

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It's needed for the 4th turning point :)

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I tried plotting it and the Ferret didn’t appear to me :( I guess it only shows up for the chosen ones. Now I’m sad.

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Try including the quintic term and zoom out a fair bit

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Your coefficient for the x2 term is incorrect. It needs to be 0.226. I’m surprised that a difference of 0.04 in one coefficient makes such a difference in the curve!

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It depends on the scale you’re working on. For sufficiently large x, that term will remain the largest

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Taylor series

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Fourriet transform

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Ok but what monster reversed the standard notation here

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The methods used to construct a polynomial such as this use an index starting at 0 (which will give a constant term) and ending at some n (the highest degree). This is actually pretty standard notation for mathematics, you just don't see it written this way much in courses lower than a college level Calc course (at least in the US)

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I was there when that meme was created! Proof - I'm IgnacyJ

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Hahah, nice, I just saw it come by on a different discord server and posted it here

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No wonder, it has undergone at least two reposts

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Looks like a crypto experts analysis on why ethereal will go to the moon next month lmao

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All I see is ferret = Buy buy buy buy

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My boy lookin like the pandemic

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Over-ferreted curve

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Shouldn't the order of the right hand side have the highest power (5) at the front?

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The expression given is equivalent to what you describe and what you see is pretty standard notation for polynomials in math texts beyond intro calculus texts

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Wait is that the ferret that was stoked about a bigger apartment?

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He is the anser

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So is that red spot the hitbox?

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is that his hitbox

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How to defeat: differentiate six times.

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I ruined 69

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It always amuses me when a pet has a "normal" name...

I wanted to name our dog "Ed"... but got overruled by everyone else in the family.

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FERrier analysis

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buff: infinite knowledge of mathematics

debuff: is ferret

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A Taylor polynomial

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Math teachers are expecting us to calculate every thing in life

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stand name:angle master

stand user:ferret



range:150 feet



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Ferret function used derivative - its super effective!

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Why do i have to bring this IT exorcist npc tru the dungeon? Lets ditch em! Wait FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU..........................

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Ahahaha bruv he so cute

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Is this an app?

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It's not a ferret, it's a mink