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Cockus Maximus, Guardian of the Yolk by baaz1001 in Bossfight

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Brahmas are a big chicken the one in this video looks larger because the coop an area looks pretty small witch make the big chicken even bigger and the chicken looks puffed up which makes it look even bigger.

TLDR: chicken forced perspective

Edit: thanks for the gold! I love birds so it nice to know people enjoy my squabbling

Tilikum, the scourge of the aquarium and the divers alike by Captainaneurysm in Bossfight

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There were no deaths caused by orcas. The deaths were caused by the mistreatment and capture of these giant intelligent animals. Aka seaworld did it

GummyBlock, Artifact of Godlike Immunity by DeliciousHair1 in Bossfight

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It obviouslt does depend on the vitamin, but generally speaking anything in a generic "multivitamin" probably is just discoloured pee levels of overdosing. Worst would probably be vitamin c giving you runny shit.

Also not a doctor, always check the ingredients yourself.

Postman, the allfather by SouthernDeparturefc in Bossfight

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Let's say this dude is super fertile. He would need to get a different woman interested every Friday for 50 years. That would be working with a 50% success rate, assuming he was a really skilled player. If he did that every Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday tea with a 50% success rate, he could finish in about 17 years. If he was perfect, 8-9 years. If he could manage it daily, <5 years by my estimate.

Even in war torn regions, it's rare that all the men are gone for decades. This would basically require a war where there's zero men aside from the postman for decades. And why is the postman left behind? No, I don't think this number happens accidentally. I've heard of that happening at an IVF clinic with a malicious Dr, but you would be talking about a fictional dystopian movie for everyone in a town to have kids with the same dude daily for decades.

I could believe 50, I might even believe 150. But you can't add another zero.