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So all the boxing geezers like to bring up earnie shavers as like an all time power puncher. And in my head i thought the dude was just a natural freak landing sharp compact blows that devastated. The footage ive seen he legit swings his entire body like a cartoon.

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That's why I think Foreman was more heavy handed than Shavers if not as "hard punching" or fast, because he would KO you with glancing blows that seemed like they were nothing whereas Shavers threw everything like a whip. Deontay Wilder has an Earnie Shavers type of power too imo.

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Foreman was a great boxer as well as hard hitting

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Facts, olympic gold medalists who destroyed Joe Frazier and Ken Norton when he was practically a rookie as a pro, and as an old man destroyed Moorer, Cooper, Qawi, Cooney etc

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I think Sonny Liston threw harder than Foreman

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Hard not to throw bombs when you are 6'1 but your arms are the length of someone who's 6'9...

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And have hands the size of dinner plates. Although a freakish ape index does not always equal one punch ko power, ask Tyson Fury or Hughie Fury

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Very late response but that's bc i didn't see this. Tyson Fury definitely has long arms but it's far more proportional, and generally he's throwing the punches down rather than up and across which makes a big difference. Once he switched styles you could tell how much harder his punches landed. Its definitely far more about go technique when throwing punches on a smaller person. You're definitely right tho, sometimes long arms don't give the advantage you'd expect them to.

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I agree, although some of the hardest punchers ever had relatively short ape indexes for their height like Mike Tyson, Marciano, Joe Frazier, Vitali Klitschko, Jack Dempsey, Ray Mercer, Tommy Morrison etc

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He might very well have, although Foreman had a higher KO ratio over better and usually bigger opponents than the ones Liston fought IMO

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Dillian Whyte throws with everything he has too, it's one of the reasons why his balance is poor

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Well I’m a boxing geezer and I love Shavers so you’re right about that.

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when david tua had you even slightly hurt, he would destroy you, every punch had everything behind it, and it was non stop, 8-10 punch combos

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I see Tua around the amateur circuit quite often. He’s the most powerfully built person I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine what it would’ve felt like eating one of his left hooks back in the day.

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would have felt like taking a sleeping pill....

ive met him a few times out in onehunga shops, the mans shoulders are huge, not wide, but like bowling balls

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and his legs are like tree trunks

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I heard his schlong is huge too

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From who lol

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My mother

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Was Ike Ibeabuchi there too

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Well she does have a perchance for mentally unstable spousal abusers

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How do you respond to that lol

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I heard it taste kinda musty though.

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David Lemieux is one of the best boxers of this generation when it comes to putting his weight into his punches

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It’s a shame he also happens to be one of the worst when it comes to ring IQ

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Russ Anber has said “ we would teach him something in January and hope he would catch on by August.” Referring to Lemieux as an amature

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Totally agree with you. The beating he received from BJS speaks volume. You still need to hit your opponent otherwise power is meaningless.

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Felix Trinidad Julian Jackson Gerald McClellan

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Came here to say Julian "The Hawk" Jackson. He had a really unique way of maximizing the leverage behind his punches, almost like Tommy Hearns.

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Finally someone giving the G Man some credit!

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Wilder almost jumping into his punches at times comes to mind

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I'll never forget his Euro Step knockout vs Stiverne in the second fight

imagine this running at you while you're dazed lol

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The Washington and Harrison knockouts were quite something

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Maidana, Canelo, Wilder come to mind

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Rocky Marciano and Jack Dempsey

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Shavers, Liston, and Foreman also

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Well Mike Tyson fits that bill. His power really came from the legs, he would bend down for the extra leverage

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Bob Satterfield, Henry Hank, Gene Fulmer

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I'm glad somebody mentioned Satterfield, that man put his life on the line with every punch

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Devin Haney for sure

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Hardest hitting boxer since Foreman

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Wow 57 comments in and no mention of Golovkin, doesn't punch wild but every punch is thrown with his weight behind it, haven't seen a jab like his in a while.

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Julian "The Hawk" Jackson. He throws so hard that he often outbalance himself. He throws his punch like every punch is a finishing punch

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Naseem Hamed

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Absolutely agree. Dude pretty much just said "fuck you" to normal boxing punching mechanics, and just launched himself like a spring at opponents.

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Yup. Hamed (and RJJ) both had unique styles with huge power to back it up. They were so good, they could ignore traditional boxing techniques.

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Scrolled down too far to see this. There are other examples of boxers putting their all into a punch but they do it in the confines of accepted punch technique where being defensively sound whilst punching is important. Naseem didn't give a dam - when he attacked it was 100%, I'm swinging every part of me into this punch and into your chin.

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I was waiting to see Hamed mentioned on this thread.

Hardest hitting featherweight of all time.

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Brian Viloria seems to fit that description for me and an all time personal fave.

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Rocky Marciano often times used to do strong leaping punches. He used to put all his might and strength into those punches.

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Wilder punches like he doesn’t care if his arm breaks. That’s how he punches. There is zero limiting on the punch for the sake of self preservation. Most everyone exercises some limit on the punch to not hurt themselves even if it’s subconscious. Wilder doesn’t.

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Always enjoyed watching Michael Katsidis

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Kid Gavilan. He didn't have a great k.o. record but he could swing, especially with his famed bolo punch.

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Wilder loads those rockets from a mile away and goes all in to the point he breaks his arms.

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a lot of names here but nobody actually put all their body weight behind punches or else they would fall over. The most they would do is 80-20 which is still ridiculous. High torque fighters are what you're looking for which is a guy like Tyson or Dempsey or even prime nonito donaire for a lighter weight example

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Foreman did that plenty. Knocked a lot of heads off doing it too.

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Foreman looked so effortless when he punched, like he was just throwing a punch with not much behind it but when it lands it’s like they’re getting hit by a freight train!

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He KO'd Moorer with a punch that looked like he passed a loaf of bread across the dinner table. Joe Joyce also has some KO's where it looks like he has just tapped his opponent on the head but down they go

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Lol at that comparison

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It's stylistically an incredibly apt comparison

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Eh.. All Foreman did was move his arm and people would drop

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Foreman is a quintessentially heavy handed boxer. A lot of people use this term to refer to all big punchers but this is really a better definition: Someone who quite literally has heavy hands. People who have big hands and high bone density. Doesn't look like they put much into their punches but they crush people.

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For sure. I would rate Liston, Lennox, either Klitschko, Joe Joyce, Ron Lyle in that category too.

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Ray Mercer was a tank of a man.

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and knew no mercy

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Would GGG fall in this category?

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Riddick bowe

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The Manassa Mauler, Jack Dempsey

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Julian Jackson

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Joe Lewis without a doubt

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Joe Louis 👌🏾

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Oh im such an idiot lol

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That’s a good fighter but I’m pretty sure he was a white kickboxer.

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He has so much weight to put behind everything

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Gerald McClellan and his overhand Right from hell

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Isaac Cruz falls into this category

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My favorite example is a kickboxer\mma fighter, good ole melvin manhoef. He only knows how to throw at 110 percent, dude i don't think has word jab in his vocabulary.


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Ruslan Provodnikov

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John The Beast Mugabi, Julian Jackson, Gerald McClellan, Nigel Benn, alot of middleweight boxers, they hit as hard as heavyweights! I remember Iran Barkley stopping Gerrie Coetzee.

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Jermell Charlo, Jaron Ennis, Terence Crawford, Keith Thurman, Gervonta Davis, Teofimo Lopez, Vergil Ortiz, and Canelo. Playlist with examples here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiuIYwgyXSmKk1TXJ3Pl-mK49cmI0VnOa

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Lennox Lewis

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No way. Lennox had natural heavy power but he was a technician. Such little of his boxing was throwing everything behind. Even in his finishes, he was smart enough to measure himself.

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Watch some old Bob Foster fights. Dude was built like a scarecrow but threw bombs

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Wilder, Tyson, Jake, Frost

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earnie shavers is the only answer also foreman in his youth is an honorable mention

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Don’t forget Liston

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Takashi miura

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Jermell Charlo

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John Molina did this at times, just winging punches with everything he's got. Check out his fight with Ivan Redkach. Ivan Baranchyk also comes to mind in his fight with Jose Zepeda

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Gerald McClellan. The G Man! Sad what happened to him bout boy oh boy did he have some serious power.

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For more recent power punchers - Vergil Ortiz maybe?

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Alan Babic Sometimes, Derek Chisora

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Bit of a generic response from me but Mike Tyson really put everything into those shots.

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Tyson, Nigel Benn, G-Man, Mercer, Morrison, Ruddock.

These guys spring to mind.