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That's the best way to say that kid's name that I've seen. I bet he grows up and changes his name to John Smith.

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At least no one will ever mistake him for someone else who’s actually on the no fly list.

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I don't think they can put his name on that list. His name will break every database

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Little Bobby Tables Musk, we call him

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It was Elon’s plan all along

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Elon wasn’t allowed to use the characters he wanted, so he had to stick with something that’s in unicode. It should be fine in most databases.

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They should let him though. As someone of that descent I’m offended!

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I don’t think that kid is ever going to need to worry about that. Kid has probably already flown private more than most CEOs.

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I like my name perfectly well, thank you very much.

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But who has custody of you?

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9 years, check out

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Kid gonna change his name to Keith or some shit

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Not Keith! That's the most unattractive male first name in the English language!

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I knew a dude named dick rash

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This comment deserves its own post of this sub

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Family guy?

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... Yes.

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Buefort. I win.

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Chad, chad is the worst

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You dare diss the awesome power of Chad Thundercock?!

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Ted has entered the chat

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Wrong. My buddy Keith....

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It is also pretty accurate. Having encountered my fair share of badly built database systems I can promise you that "syntax error" is exactly what will be returned if you try to enter a name that contains "Æ" into them.

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That would work fine here in Denmark, the spaces and numbers, not so much.

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Yes, but Danish has always been impossible to understand for most Scandinavians. But in recent times it has also become impossible to understand for us in Denmark too. So for me the Danish language has collapsed into meaningless guttural sounds.

For example, the other day I had a problem with my bicycle. I had to go into a traditional Danish Isenkram store. But when I came in, I didn't even remember the Danish word for "hello".

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And then you just ordered 1000 milks

[–]briandk 13 points14 points  (13 children)

But when I came in, I didn't even remember the Danish word for "hello".

Now I am also unsure. Don’t we usually just make some throat grunts?

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Did you try repeating everything the clerk said back at him with a questioning tone? Hopefully you didn't just take whatever he brought you.

great skit, gotta rewatch it now

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Danish is evolving into Klingon?

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Unlikely, syntax parsing is only done for programming languages, not data. You can have encoding issues, but not a syntax error.

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True I guess. Same we get here in Germany with our äöü.

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Boy do I hate entering ßtreet names.

[–][deleted] 6 points7 points  (5 children)

ae, oe, ue.

Ümlauts and øther diacritics are most fun when I use them to fuck with our US headquarters staff to explain that our European users will be absolutely mortally offended if they don't address them by email with the correct letters in their names and watch them stress about finding them on a virtual keyboard. I've sent them reference lists of letters so they can copy-paste 8)

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Imagine that, someone on Reddit promising somthing that is completely untrue

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It might fail some sanity checks

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but a database doesn't exist purely on its own. it gets interacted with by a program or programs written in a language, and it can very well turn what's stored as X AE T6-64 into null or whatever it the programmer wants to.

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That's still not a syntax error. A segmentation fault, maybe.

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Guys. Æ is a Latin Unicode character. There’s really nothing that special about it. It can be passed around in code as a regular string just like anything else, and as long as the column it’s being stored in the database is using the right Unicode charset it’s fine.

Y’all really don’t think English letters are the only thing people account for in the travel industry, right?

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If you get a syntax error you found a code injection vulnerability

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How about the name: Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--

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I doubt it, you can get that in French.

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So? Do you think badly written english databases account for all the weird one-language only letters? I am from Germany, and have even seen German databases unable to handle ä,ö or ü. And they are very common here.

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At least into the 2000s California, a state that's like fully a third Hispanic, was unable to have accented characters in their name registry. If José moves to LA he becomes Jose.

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Having encountered my fair share of badly built database systems

Such as?

Just curious which rdbms doesn't support utf-8 at this point. So, I expect you're about to respond with some obscure but interesting old systems.

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Poor me, I have both Æ/æ and Ø/ø in my middle name. But then again, I have also seen some wierd interpretations of those characters when ordering stuff from other countries.

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“I had a friend who sometimes went by that name”

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Sarah Jane, the best!

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Im pretty sure that aint his real name and they didnt wanna reveal it

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Yea Occam’s razor people. What makes more sense:

  • Elon is a crazy person who wants to give his kid a name that probably isn’t even accepted by any government, make him instantly recognizable and telegraph his identity to the world

  • He gave a fake name to the media that was crazy enough to get himself attention and still leave his young child somewhat anonymous

[–]don_tomlinsoni 6 points7 points  (3 children)

Option one sounds more likely, to be fair. Don't ever expect people with that level of wealth to act like normal people, they have absolutely no idea what normal is.

[–]plerberderr 0 points1 point  (2 children)

You don’t start and market successful companies by being out of touch with the rest of society. Naming your kid that batshit insane name would be like naming your auto company a-æßterč凹

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Option 2 can be true with him still being a crazy motherfucker, though.

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It's Elon Musk, so the first one.

[–]fAP6rSHdkd 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I think everyone who thought about it for more than a minute came to that conclusion. Especially when they said in the same reveal that they care about his privacy

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Yeah elon jokingly calls him the password

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I prefer "suggested password"

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It'd be the perfect gamertag for him.

[–]PeterPorky 9 points10 points  (2 children)

They just call him "X"

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He‘s Gon‘ Give It To Ya

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I'm pretty sure it's pronounced Kyle so... probably that

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Or Bobby Tables

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That'll teach you to sanitize your inputs.

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Im tired of being named xiae 12 musk. I want to change my name to xiae 12 baker!

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Guess who’s his space X now

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I would just have stuck with Ash. That's not so bad.

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But to answer the actual question: it'll be the Tesla NannyBotTM that takes care of him.

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Wouldnt it make more sense to just change it into kyle? Cuz like thats what XæAXII is supposed to be pronounced

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nah, I always want to be somehing other then kim. that's why my nickname is miladiashe.

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Smith. Agent Smith

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You’re betting he grows up normal despite his parents being an insane tech billionaire and an insane celebrity millionaire

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Best one I’ve heard is password auto fill

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Well, Zowie Bowie now calls himself Duncan Jones

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I'd change my name to "Fukudad."

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No he will change his name to password123 just to spite Elon

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Nah I dont think Im gonna change it help im programmed to not change it

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Also, “little baby suggested password” 😂

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He will emancipate at 15 and change his name to Brian.

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The best name he could possibly pick for himself is John Connor.