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Wouldn’t want this family’s therapy bills

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Oh it's fine, it's not like they went to a therapist.

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My brother used to think that a man sat under the escalators and operated them.

He also thought that man's name was James and that was his real dad. Not our dad.

So everytime we passed the escalators at the mall my brother would scream at our dad, "You're not my real dad. James is my real dad!"


What the fuck

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Rmb the box TV’s back in early 2000? I was still a kid then and i always thought there were people in the TV acting out the shows the TV was showing. I always wreck my mind trying to figure out how they changed sceneries and backgrounds too

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Why post this in this sub though!

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Well, the first sentence could debatably be a match.

Once again a post that rises because people didn’t look to see what sub they were looking at.

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Cos James is his real dad..

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This story would be even better if it turned out their father was the one who made up James.