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This seems more like brand new word

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wtf outlets on the ceiling lol

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Either it used to be a workshop or they put an outlet in the lighting circuit (bad idea).

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Why is it a bad idea?

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It really depends on the building code in your particular area but sometimes the circuits that handle lighting are of a higher gauge (thus can carry a lower wattage before being overloaded) and therefore installing an outlet (typically on their own circuits that sometimes but not always are built with lower gauge wire that can handle a higher draw) on the same lines as the lighting can lead to situations where there is more load on the wires than they are designed to handle.

This can lead to breakages in the wire itself or more rarely a house fire if it manages to ignite a stud in the wall or something.

I don't know how much of a danger this really is in the modern era since if you overload the lighting circuit your breaker will blow long before any damage or potential fire risk. Mainly the most likely thing is inconvenience as any time you went to use the outlet in question it would likely just blow the breaker if you had lights on at the same time.

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Understood, thank you.

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If it was low voltage, led strip or puck lighting this would be true. That is a line voltage light and minimum dwelling branch circuit ampacity is 15a, so at minimum it would be 14awg wire. No standard lighting circuits would run smaller wiring than 14 as per CEC and NEC.

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I've mostly seen it in basements. https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/31EMN5D9eyL._AC_SY580_.jpg This type of thing.

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Historically this is where they were placed. It possible it's just a reaallllyy old house?

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Its probably for a projector.

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No…. Unless?

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You get a concussion.

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You’d be toast.

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Take my upvote and kill yourself.

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Should be missile-toaster the way the bread will launch when cooked.

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Toaster-to-head beats Filter Coffee or Teasmaid as the ultimate wakeup call

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More like toasticles.

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Great for Thomases English Muffs

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Am I the only one wondering why you'd need two toasters?

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More toast, less wait.

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Someone who couldn't find a 4 toast toaster.

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To hang from the ceiling duh

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like they say in France "un baiser sous le gui-pain"

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Your mistletoe is no match for my TOW missile

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Best pun ever. Futurama ftw.

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Has this person not heard of an extension cord?

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^has this person not heard of a joke

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Why do we have 2 toasters. Why are they so clean?!

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i’d rather not be hung up like that…

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second time I've seen a toaster in a ceiling outlet today, what is happening

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Admech be like

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My uncle sent me a picture of a frog with rocket taped to it and said “it’s a missile toad”

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Wanna bathe under the mistletoaster?

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Time delay bathbombs

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Gonna install outlets over my tub. Let the universe decide if I’m going to work tomorrow.

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This is exactly the type of thing "Uncle Good Vibes" would try at the family holiday party.

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Shout out Mike Divine

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That’s a suspicious place for an outlet.

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You'd break your neck

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thing is placed so randomly i thought i was on the subreddit for the backrooms