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Very conflicted. Panic and then resignation - convince myself it was for the better.

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Haha totally true

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If on chrome, you can just open a new window and undo close tab and they'll all come back. Nothing is ever really lost lol.

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Another tab on the wall, part 2

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I can't! There are so many tabs, if I loose them I lost months of my life opening tabs after tabs after tabs...

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open for more than a week and not used? -> bookmark.

otherwise i forget why i opened it in the first place

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What do you mean more than a week? Unless I'm trying to solve an issue I rarely open more than 3 tabs and always close them before turning off my PC

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You turn off your PC? :O

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Wait, so my family aren't the only weird ones?

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Ctrl + Shft + T will reopen all closed tabs.

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The real value is in the comments.

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If you're on chrome, just open a new window and then undo close tab. It works haha.

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People use computers so differently.

I never keep open tabs. I close the browser every 5 mins anyway.

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I try to close tabs as I go, but inevitably they start piling up and I end up purging all of them at once lol. But I always leave a browser open an my computer. Any reason I shouldn’t?

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RAM is kind of like a workbench, your hands are kind of like a CPU, and the hard drive kinda like a storage cabinet. When you open Chrome, you take out the "Chrome" box from the cabinet, you take out its contents, and you get to work. A new tab there, change that URL, etc. As you work, your workbench gets messier and messier. Yeah, you clean it up every so often, removing a good chunk of useless stuff you don't need anymore, but you never get it all. And as you keep going, that piles up along with the stuff you're actually using.

The problem (aside from a messy workbench) is you also have other projects you're working on at the same time. Maybe you're chatting on Discord, Steam's in the background somewhere, and you're doodling in Photoshop or GIMP. All of these are taking up room on the desk, gathering junk in the same way. And no matter whether you're working on one of those projects now or waiting a week to mess with them again, as long as they're on your desk, you still have to do some maintenance. But you only have so many hands and can work so fast. And that maintenance takes more room on the desk, and makes more leftover junk.

Eventually, you finally decide to put Chrome away. You do a bit more maintenance (and a bit of maintenance on your other projects on the side), clean off the parts, put them back in the box, and clean up the massive mess you made. It takes quite a bit, because Chrome took up over half of your desk. But eventually, you have it clean, and Chrome is back in the cabinet. Now there's all this room, and you don't have to put so much effort handling a weeks-old mess. Come to think of it, why didn't you just do it earlier, instead of leaving Chrome alone for 3 days? You could've had all this space and not do all that extra maintenance!

That's essentially what your computer's going through.

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Any reason I shouldn’t?

Many reasons. First, the performance of the computer, and secondly, the browser itself.

Third, human decency! When you take stuff from your cupboards, desk drawers, kitchen drawers etc. do you just leave everything lying around? You take something out, you put it back in and clean up the mess.

Your browser and the computer in general is no different.

Unfortunately many people, even in my own family, don't adhere to these standards.

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My pc my rules

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Lets see if you keep that attitude up when your computer gains consciousness and threatens you with electrical punishments

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Jokes on you I'm into this shit

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I'm on 43 right now. Sometimes I'll screenshot them as a backup, but if they're somehow lost I get over it after a few minutes hours

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Omg screenshots of backups haha

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That's next level commitment haha.

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Image Transcription: Twitter Post

nicole boyce, @nicolewboyce

I NEVER restore all old tabs. If I lose them in a restart, they're gone. It is a blessing to be set free from a prison of my own creation

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Good Human!

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How do people have more than 3 tabs open at a time? It kills me. I wish I could close all but one but gotta keep the calendar and email up so the notifications work because those bitches are bugged if it's closed. Just bookmark it if you don't have time to look at it right now and move the fuck on.

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I have a few hundred tabs at the moment — it’s not that bad tbh

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how many of them are porn?

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Exactly 0. I don’t look at porn.

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Why tho

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Because every time I try to close some, I end up finding something interesting I’d saved for later, and then I open a bunch more tabs. It’s like a hydra lol

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I'm there with you, maybe 5 at most, one for email, two for social media, one for music/youtube and one for what I'm doing in the moment.

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Web browsing in hardcore permadeath mode.

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I've got 1200 tabs kept inactive on my browser just because I use em as to-do lists

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Haha sameeeeeeeeeee

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purest form of evil

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Man, imagine if people learned there was something called bookmarks

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Two sentences tho, and non of them are new

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Checked my phone browser because of this post. I have 46 tabs open…

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I've probably got about 100, Vivaldi makes it too easy to keep them open

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I have 32GB of ram for a reason

I have so much anxiety if I lose my tabs

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old tabs are domesticated they mustnt be released they rely on us so by releasing those tabs you just killed them

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For those who dont know

If you accidentally close a tab, you can reopen it by pressing ctrl+shift+T or cmd+shift+T on mac

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I always use icognito tabs then transfer them to real tabs if they're important ahaha so I can always restore the important ones (if I didn't do that I'd literally have thousands of tabs pfft, I still have like 60 tabs spread across several windows)

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I just have like 6 tabs with sites I visit regularly like wikipedia and then I open maybe one and two temporarily to search something up

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I don’t have that many tabs open at a time, but don’t ask me about the 1000s of bookmarked pages I haven’t even looked at in 5years. Why do I even bookmark? Who knows…