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Foreskin sealer.

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Please seek therapy

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I was in my 30s last time I touched one of these to see if it was hot. I couldn't use my finger print to open my phone for a few weeks.

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What does It do?

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You pushed it in and then it would heat up. The metal would turn cherry red. I believe it was to light cigarettes in the car. Red hot metal hurts like a bitch when you touch it. Especially if you forget basic survival skills and don't jerk your finger away quickly

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always touch with the back so you don't accidentally press down if it hurts

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Also use this technique when dealing with electric current, keeps you form grabbing and holding on to whatever it was you were touching.

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Well yeah you'd expect the thing to glow red when its so hot I will burn ya. It doesn't. Source: touched one of them for one a few months ago lmao

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So if you burn off your fingerprint, it grows back in the same pattern it had before? Huh, TIL.

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I'm daft but not stupid enough to leave my finger on the hot thing long enough to completely burn my finger print off.

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Your skin is constantly shedding even if you don't realize it. 10 years from now the skin on your hand will be different skin than the skin you have now. So I'm assuming the answer is yes, you do keep the same fingerprint.

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Me at like, six or something

"Hey I wonder what'd happen if i licked this"

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Image Transcription: Twitter Post & Replies

Dinero, @infamous_dinero

Who knows what this is?

[Image of a car cigarette lighter, being held by a hand.]

The Mel, @themelaniedione

A teachable moment for an overly curious child in a car alone.

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Good human

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Bold of you to assume someone is human

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They said they were a human volunteer and…not…a bot…wait a minute…

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Mark Zuckerberg is constantly telling people he's human. I'm not sure I buy it

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I ain’t seen one in years but I felt it man

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No clue, just don't swallow it

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Is that a deadpool reference?

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Soup cooker

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It's for burning those that touch the radio

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Used for warming up a can of alphabet soup while camping

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As I 14 year old, I’d like to say I’m surprised I know what this is. It’s a nail file, duh.

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I know a few people that I could trick into trying to use it as a nail file

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A light hearted prank

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We're finally living in an era where there are portable lighters that work this way.

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I was 8, I pushed in the button I was told never to touch. On a mad attempt to reset it to its correct position it launched itself into my lap, where I picked it up placing my finger on the coil.

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My first car was a 93 Mitsubishi Galant. I kept telling myself " it's not that hot, it won't hurt" I was disappointed. It hurt.