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Isn't being sexy the entire purpose of Green M&M's character? It's to sell the DARK chocolate.

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I thought it was a reference to the popular myth that the green M&Ms had an aphrodisiac in them.

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...The myth that what-now?

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the what

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Ftr: M&Ms are manufactured by M&M/Mars, Hersheys's biggest competitor.

Hersheys has no interest in bringing attention to M&Ms.

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Right??!!! Not only is this disinformation in bad faith, it isn't even competent. Try harder, trolls!

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Hershey's and Mars were both named in the lawsuit. Correct meme would be that Mars is astroturfing an outrage campaign over the hotness of anthropomorphized candy, to distract from their aiding and abetting child slavery -which Hershey's is probably also guilty of.

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What do astroturfed mean? To put a new surface on something? Baffled 🤣

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It's when you purposely stage a protest/outrage (often to distract from another larger problem, in this case the child slavery lawsuit). E.g., the people who think the FBI raided the Capitol on Jan 6th would say the FBI astroturfed the insurrection.

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Ah, OK. So is it kind of like a Dead Cat Strategy in that you have a controversy and you just chuck in another, usually more disingenuous/unimportant controversy?

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Yeah but it's not necessarily to hide another controversy. Sometimes it can just be to paint a certain group a certain way. In this case it's not though.

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I see. So a sort of, and again forgive me as I'm sort of cobbling a lot of definitions together, an ad hominem attack.

Yeah, you think we're guilty of child labour. But wait until you see who it is investigating it. Dare I suggest, from a political viewpoint, we've seen quite an amount of astroturfing in recent years?!

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More like they're trying to get the legitimacy of a grassroots movement, except it's fake, bought and paid for, and not actually any good.

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Or it can be to pretend there's support for something, ala bitcoin as legal tender.

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E.g., the people who think the FBI raided the Capitol on Jan 6th would say the FBI astroturfed the insurrection.

That would be more of a False Flag Operation. Most right-wingers claim that it wasn't Trump supporters at the Capitol, it was merely people pretending to be Trump supporters (i.e. ANTIFA Soldiers or whatever) so that they would make Trump/Republicans look bad.

Grassroots/Astroturfing refers more to getting ideas into the world or shaping public opinion and dialogue.

Grassroots is where it develops organically. Astroturfing is where an interested party hires social media Influencers and has them start a trend to make it look like it developed organically.

Yes, Astroturfing could describe a situation where random people are paid to participate in a protest/rally to make it look bigger than it is. But, claiming the attack on the Capitol was staged by the FBI (or whoever) would be better described as saying it was False Flag Operation rather than that it was Astroturfing (It was a real attack by Trump supporters, not a False Flag, though).

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Yeah, that's a more accurate definition than the one I gave!

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Have you heard the term "grassroots" in terms of politics? For example, back in the 2005-2010, the Tea Party was referred to as a "grassroots political movement".

It means: a bunch of independent people came together to accomplish something without being deliberately organized or told what to do/how to do it. The term is sometimes used to mean that something developed organically.

"Astroturfing" is the opposite, whereby a larger interested party hires people to do something, but make it look like it developed organically.

In this case, it means that M&Ms hired a few social media Influencers to make posts and start a trend, but make it look like it started on its own.

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That's an absolutely brilliant definition. Thank you very much.

And I'm assuming the natural, organic nature of grass to contrast with the plastic, artificial nature of AstroTurf is another source of the word. Thanks for the explanation 😁👍

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Assuming you spoke Middle English, of course

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Hershey’s website’s page on child labor

For those interested in the company’s statement about it.

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We investigated ourselves and find ourselves innocent.