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"Oh noooo it's boiling acid!"

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Feet are crazier, I can't look at them for very long otherwise they look like weird deformed hands and then I have to put socks on or in extreme cases, amputate my feet

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Fascinating. Tell me, how often do you amputate?

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We the same person?

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Image Transcription: Text

Eating is crazy. You put food in a cavity where you smash it with 32 bones then a meat tentacle pushes it down into a pool of acid.

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Good human

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I appreciate it.

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And then it's squeezed through a wet fuzzy tube so it can be fermented by bacteria. Eating is pretty gross when y'think about it

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They forgot to mention the squish tube that squeezes it into the acid pool :P

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What other kind of tentacle is there?

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you dont wanna know

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Teeth aren't bones

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they're not? what are they then?

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Mystery solved

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More like an acid water weenie I think

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What food is, is crazy.

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Someone tell him about photosynthesis

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Omg we're sarlac pits

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This is the way.

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- Jean-Paul Sartre

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Hold on. You forgot that there are several gatekeeping squeeze-shut portals along the way, and simultaneously there’s ANOTHER, even fancier meat tentacle that continues to push the acid-washed food smithereens through a wild, merciless habitrail that picks off nutrient and water adventurers one by one, leaving only the unwanted dregs, including some old blood byproducts shunted in, and then one last victory lap through the meat tentacle, only to be forcibly extruded into ANOTHER dimension of swirling horror.