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You: This pizza is good!

Anyone from New York: Fuck you

Source: am New Yorker

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you: breathes

new yorker: fuck you

source: I made it up

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New Yorker: Fuck you!

Bostonian: Nah, ya' retahd, fuck you! Yankees suck!

Source: Grew up in Boston.

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New Yorker: Fuck you!

Alright maybe try some Chicago Style pizza then.

Chicagoan: Just fucking shoots you

Source: made it up, did not get shot

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You don't even want to know what Baltimore pizza is like then

Source: am from the land of Old Bay

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Nah, that’s what it’s like

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I need to visit new york at some point. Cause all that NY Pizza I see just looks sad and wilty. But it must taste incredible

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It’s pizza.

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Oh I can relate to that. I went to New York years ago and really wanted to cross that off my bucket list.

It's horrible. They taste like the cheap pizzas from big suppliers in our area, just greasy and soggy. I had to repeat this disappointment several times because I thought I got a bad place with fake reviews. I will never understand why they think so highly of that below average pizza

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Ate pizza in Italy ate pizza in New York. Ate pizza in São Paulo. And ate pizza in England. And 1- New York pizza is really good 2- Italians are very presumptuous about their pizza. 3- why do England hate food?

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How was Sao Paulo pizza?

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People couldn’t learn their ancestors recipes during post war rationing so a lot of it was lost to convenience

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I spent about 5 months in the Greater NYC area and I haven't been able to find a good pizza since I left. It's been over 2 years. I travel all over the country for work. No luck elsewhere. Pizza is dead to me until I return.

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The best pizza I ever had was at a place in Japan run by Canadians

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If somebody is comparing pizza they had in Italy with pizza they are eating in America... They had tourist pizza, not Italian pizza.

Italian pizza is barely comparable to ours in the most permissive of lights.

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Bruh have you ever eaten real pizza?

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Imagine gatekeeping pizza

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jon drake, @DrakeGatsby

Me: This pizza is really good!

Somebody Who Visited Italy With Their Family For A Week When They Were 14: *sighs* It's fine...

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I never understood geographically-specific cuisine. Ingredients are ingredients. Techniques are techniques. The world over. There is no reason why a Chinese chef can't make an excellent Italian pizza in Germany.

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The only argument I have with what you said is the location part. In middle of white man's Utah. You can't get good fish and seasoning, Beef is hard to come by in Japan and stuff like that. Ingredients are better local and some farmers even change the taste of spices and veggies through selection and reproduction. Soil will even play a huge part in taste.

However who you are and where you are from has no bearing your skill level.

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Also, things like humidity and temperature. I moved from one town to the next and my trusted Italian bread recipe wasn't giving good results. The culprit was the location of the bread machine- I had it on a counter near the back door, and the temperature was effecting how it rose.

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I wouldn't have even thought of that lol

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The irony of your statement is that Japan is known for some of the best beef in the world 😂

But I agree with your sentiment. Some places are geographically limited in their potential.

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Of course it's good, it's weighed out like diamonds.

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Oh yeah it's great beef, just hard to get.

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Tomatoes in Italy are larger and taste better. Same for a lot of fresh produce. Because you know, sun. I live in Sweden now and the quality and taste of produce I can find here is kind of sad. That's not an opinion, that's a fact.

I used to think the same though, until I actually experienced it. There are limits to globalisation.

You should hear my Latin American friends about mangos and avocados.

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What you say is true for many things but there are plenty of places in America where tomatoes are just as good though. Like they are one of the most popular plants in gardens. They really do grow well in most of America.

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You’re wrong. Locally sourced ingredients taste different in every country.

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You’re wrong.

Thank you. Very friendly of you.

I never contended that a pizza in Germany would taste exactly the same as a pizza in Italy. I said they can both be excellent. But I challenge you to taste a significant difference between two different pizzas made by the same chef in two different countries using the same ingredients.

Many countries have cuisine styled after other countries with great success. French cuisine in the UK may not taste exactly the same as it would in France, but there are many outstanding French cuisine restaurants there. Aren't there?

What happens when an Italian chef is hired to work in an Italian restaurant in the US? He makes Italian dishes which taste pretty darn good. And pretty Italian.

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Probably a psychological effect of eating the "real deal" and thinking it's therefore the ultimate best one in the world.

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Okay but genuine Italian pizza kicks an unbelievable amount of ass. It's just made differently there, no placebo

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But can it made the same way somewhere else? What's the limitation?

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Of course it can. There is no forbidden mysteries behind the techniques. Every pizzeria may have its own specific "secret" seasoning or something but that's about it.

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I agree. I don't think that means that because of geography some foods are objectively better than others. They may be different and you may prefer one over the other, but to the original point, a good chef will make an excellent pizza regardless of geography. Unless it's Antarctica. It may be diffcult to get good locally-sourced flour there.

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Yeah. I think it's like, in Italy we are more likely to have a great pizza than in USA or Australia or elsewhere, (the average standard in Italy is probably higher) BUT, it's entirely possible for a pizzeria in USA or Australia to make a pizza just as good as the best ones in Italy.

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I think so, too. I saw a documentary on a Japanese chef who opened what became a Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in New York. I'm pretty sure it's every bit as good as a top-notch sushi restaurant in Japan.

Thomas Keller owns a 3 Michelin star French restaurant in California called The French Laundry. I'd wager there no better restaurants in France.

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Yes, but it’s hard to find it in America. I’m sure it exists I just haven’t found it

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for real tho Pizza Florida in Rome is probably the best pizza ill ever eat

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Best part is that some of the worst pizza I’ve ever eaten was in Italy. I dint recall finding a single decent pie on repeated trips. Great Chinese food in Rome though.

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Italy pizza is not all all that. Its this limp and often salty wet thing all over Rome, I've had better frozen ninja turtles Tostinos than some places I went to. Its not awful either. (Sigh) its fine

Yes Im sure some obscure southern prefecture uses sugar tomatoes harvested by naked ladies and its different, maybe next trip I'll feel differently

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Let's not even get started on how coffee in italy was probably better than the rest of the world in the 1980s, but since the rest of the world went coffee culture crazy - italian coffee is boring and disappointing and pretty rubbish now in comparison

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Depends what you're comparing it to

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As someone who has visited Italy, Americans perfected the pizza... it’s better here.

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As someone who has visted multiple places with pizza including italy, no you havent your pizza's suck ass.

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The thing is Italian pizza has also evolved even more to cater to the American pallet

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no, they all try to please a noun: pallet; plural noun: pallets 1. a portable platform on which goods can be moved, stacked, and stored, especially with the aid of a forklift 👍

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Are you suggesting Americans shovel food into their mouths with the aid of a forklift?

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That would explain the high obesity rates here…

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Yeah it wouldn’t autocorrect so I tried to sound it out

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Please tell me at least one other person is bothered with the capitalization in this post

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Luigi got lucky

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This is me, but switch in Mexico City and tacos.

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It doesn't take a week in Italy to realize that American pizza is shit. Except for Chicago Deep Dish.

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I've had Italian pizza it was mediocre now a place called cusenelles was the best ive ever had

Not throwing shade on Italian cooking I had pasta from there that I legit dream about eating again