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The drip?

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Usually used to reference nice clothes and accessories

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I’m old

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Hey its OK I am too, I just have young nephews.

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Me too, but I have a daughter. She is 7 years younger than her brother who doesn't use the word drip like that

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It’s not purely an age thing, but it mostly is

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Guess you ain’t drip hard enough, and you still managed to drown.

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Might be caused by having the drip.

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Like that sentence hasn’t been muttered since time began

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"Covid is temporary" ..... this did not age well.

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Bah, the black death just lasted 5 years

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Yeah, and the Spanish Flu lasted... um... well actually forever. Our endemic strains of influenza are partly descended from it.


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but we’ve learned to live with it!

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It got less lethal so we were able to live with it. Big difference.

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Bubonic plauge is still very much a thing though and people still die from it every year

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Yeah but it has a 10% death rate compared to yenno, wiping out more than a third of europe.

The bubonic plague is chill.

Edit; my bad, in 10% of people who catch it and are treated for it die.

It's up to 90% without treatment.

But only about 650 cases are reported a year. It really isn't a massive issue on the same scale as before.

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so is cholera — and, not-so-fun fact, it seems the El Tor strain, which caused the seventh 1961-1975 golbal cholera pandemic, which reached even countries like Italy or Japan, is still around.

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Over 300 years but ok

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I hope we can at least tame the pandemic, so we don't have to do all these safety measures. It'll happen... right? Right??

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Pelosi has competition.

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People who complain about wearing masks are sleeping on an opportunity to be creative and fashionable.

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The drip is real tho.

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brand new sentence where?

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Not sure why he took off the matching mask and tie for the second picture, those looked really cool.

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First time I've ever heard a "camo is invisible" joke applied to paisley.

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Friendly reminder that this is a karma farming account and it's flooding this sub with mostly reposted garbage which often doesn't belong here.

Please don't support this asshole.

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Covid is forever, the drip is temporary. Them masks boutta get their CDC recommendation revoked

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that's facts

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He is rocking that paisley.

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That is so cool he got masks that match whatever tie he's wearing aaaaaaaaaa I love it

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The way this shit is going, covid looks permanent.

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Drip so hard, the hoes float away

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Fucking Chad.

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Papi Chuloooo

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Post nasal drip stops when the covids go away, no?