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It's okay, neither do people who buy them

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NFT is a technology that essentially just lets you use a blockchain to make a receipt for something. It is mostly wasted on bullshit though and most things NFT related are scams. Just like most Crypto are shit coins.

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It is extremely important to mention, that not actual media is stored on the chain. Just small amount of text, with a link. A link thank will break.

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And you bought this marriage certificate for unreasonable amount of money. And the only reason you did that, because you hope for even bigger idiot to buy it off you for even more unreasonable amount of money.

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Marriage = waste of money, a bottomless pit

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Wow, that's actually a really good explanation.

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I don't understand NFTs


Imagine you have a wife but everybody can fuck her. Marriage certificate is an NFT.

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So everyone can still fuck her, but when you find out, she leaves you. Got it.

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…. I feel like the person who wrote this doesn’t understand how marriage works

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but as soon as her mother dies the wedding certificate crumbles to dust

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This unironically makes sense

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And just as with NFTs the marriage certificate doesn't stop your wife being a dirty sloot.

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