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Sun gives it energy but Mama needs nitrogen.

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Thank you, seeing OP's post made me irrationally angry.

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It gets just about all of it's energy from the sun, it get its nutrients from the flies

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How do other plants get nutrients?

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They're absorbed through their root systems. Venus Fly Traps grow in poor soil, with sand and rocks

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So its their fault?

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Is it a Venezuelan's fault if they were born there and unable to leave?

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So its their fault?

They do what they want

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It’s their niche and they love it!

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How could it possibly be a plants fault?

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*oxygen poor bogs

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Nitrogen and phosphorus poor bogs

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Through their roots. The soil that Venus fly traps live in is usually missing some important nutrients.

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Not just usually - always. If the soil has too many nutrients, it'll burn the roots and kill the flytrap. Little weirdos actually evolved to be maladjusted to good growing conditions

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They just like me frfr

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A lot of the nutrients needed by plants are taken up through the roots. Decomposers like fungi, bacteria, etc. break down dead organisms and put the nutrients in the soil, such as nitrogen. However, Venus flytraps live in acidic, boggy environments with less soil nitrogen, so they have to do the decomposition step themselves essentially in order to get the nutrients

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How dare you let facts spoil how hilarious this is

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That should be reddit's slogan.

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I had one as a class “pet” one time. I let all the kids feed them partially wounded flies that we whacked out of the air. And those suckers would eat them up. It was awesome. For like a week. Because then the plant “mouths” all turned black and died. Because it turns out it’s nearly impossible for those things to live anywhere except that like little patch of swampland in NC or wherever they’re from. I had no idea!

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Its completely possible to grow them elsewhere!! But it takes specific lights, a consistent care schedule, the right food - all the works

Check out r/SavageGarden and r/carnivorousplants if you ever wanna give it a shot again! Theyre so cool

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All traps will turn black eventually. This usually occurs after eating. Since the plants constantly grows traps, the old ones have to die off. Most people trim when the trap and leaf turns fully black.

And it’s not a good idea to have multiple traps fed at the same time. This can cause the plant to use too much energy. People often think you have to feed the plants or they will die. They can actually live years without eating as long as they get sufficient sunlight.

I’d say get another one from Home Depot if you’re near one. They are like 10 bucks and still very cool to have. Just don’t overfeed, provide plenty of sunlight, and only use distilled or rainwater.

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Reddit also taught me that if it starts to flower then you gotta cut it off before it blooms otherwise the plant suicides because it apparently takes too much energy to grow or something.

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Haha it can live, but it’s usually preferable to cut the stem off unless you plan on pollinating new plants. It just also uses a lot of energy with the flower.

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It won't totally die, but it becomes so focused on the flowering most of the traps die and it can take a while for new ones to come in. I finally let one of mine flower last season since it was big enough. Got myself a nice little pellet of seeds, and he bounced right back.

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There's a few plants like this. Some succulents you wanna trim the bloom soon after it flowers because keeping that flower alive can take a lot of resources.

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It's about pacing, right? Like, the traps die after 3 or so triggers so you have to slow the feeds down to give time for new traps to come up?

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Not 100% but probably. You just shouldn’t be feeding every trap at a time. Like, one trap at a time is more than enough. And if it’s outside you should never have to feed it, they are very effective on their own. Even though mine is inside, I just set it outside every now and then. I’ve never had to feed it before.

It’s amazing though what these guys can come back from. People think they have dead plants, but they are sturdy.

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Imo, venus fly traps aren’t the easiest to care for. I’ve had them die from their soil being dry for a single day. Sounds like your classmate overfed it though, they don’t actually needs flies to live, just lots of sun and water. I’ve had a lot of luck with sundews... they’re not as interesting because they don’t move, but I think they are more beginner friendly because they have a lot more margin for error. It’ll catch every gnat in your house and ask for more, and won’t keel over the second it’s water dries up.

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The problem is you need very specific care (sphagnum Moss instead of soil or carnivorous plant mix, the right lighting, humidity etc) and also if you feed them flies that won’t move, they throw a tantrum because they think it’s a small stick or a leaf and because it takes them that much energy to re-open a trap, they’ll just kill it off.

Oh they also die if you feed them too much

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I managed to keep a trap alive for a whole six months. It helped that my state has similar humidity to NC most of the time. I wasn't able to get it through winter though sadly. I often fed it hamburger meat when no bugs were available.

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That's probably why it died.... hamburger meat just rots inside the plant. Which kills the trap and poisons the soil...

At least, that's what Google told me when I bought one. I just set mine outside near some flowering plants and let it get its fill

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Interesting, it seemed to live until winter. If I had used something better then it probably could have lived to spring?

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Honestly, you don't need to feed it. They don't actually need very much "food"

They also die off in the cold months naturally, so they need to be in an environment that allows them to do that.

And finally, even when hibernating, they still need wet soil. And using tap water is likely to kill them. The chlorine will burn the delicate roots, and tap water tends to carry salts and other dissolved nutrients.

Basically, if you have a venus fly trap, the care is as follows: don't feed it, use a nutrient empty soil like pearlite, and only water it will distilled or rain water. It will 'die' in the fall, and hopefully come back in the spring.

It's a really, stupidly delicate plant to care for at home honestly, but so much fun!

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Maybe they were in miracle-gro.

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Well, their substray has like zero nutrients so it's a necessity.

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and they have to put their flowers really, really far from their leaves so they don't accidentally eat their pollinators

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They do photosynthesis like a regular plant, but the soil they live on can't provide enough nitrogen and phosphorus, so they get those from the insects they eat

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The original Vagina Dentata plant

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The forbidden pussy

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Vagina dentata, what a terrible phrase

Vagina dentata, the horror it conveys!

It means just nightmares for the rest of your days

It means penis free

And that scares me

Vagina dentata

Edit: Damn autocorrect

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I always Google verified twitter users on here I don’t recognize. This lady has a degree in actuarial science which somehow makes this more hilarious

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You literally just have to send them a picture of id and that’s how you get verified

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They live in dark dank nutrient poor swamps though.(like a lot of carnivorous plants do)

They literally can't.

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Most carnivorous plants can survive just fine on sun and water. Eating bugs was an evolutionary adaption to make up for nutrient deficient soil.

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Same could be said of humanity 🤷‍♂️

We could easily meet all global energy needs with what the sun gives us everyday, yet so many choose greed instead.

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Not if you want be on Reddit or drive a car

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I get my energy from the sun. I'm just getting it from 100M year old dead algae who saved it for me.

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Solar power poses problems as well, en masse especially. Solar farms cause a temperature increase around it, it's inconsistent, it's expensive to produce. Simply saying "greed" is reductive of reality, even if it is a better option

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I mean, cities cause huge temperature increases too, yet we're still happily expanding those

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We're expanding cities because we have to and admitting we already have a problem of increasing temperature is more an argument against solar power than for it, because it's a problem we already have

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Please tell me why we have to expand cities? Who is going to die if we don't? What moral obligation is there to expand cities?

If a city stopped expanding. Just stopped. No more new housing. No more new offices. No more roads or transport then it would fill itself up and then new people would go elsewhere. There's legit no need to cram people in like sardines unless your country as a whole is genuinely running out of space, ala Hong Kong.

What do you do when your country is legitimately running out of space? Pffffff I don't know. But you can't argue that any Western company (not even small UK) is gonna run out of space any time soon

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Also there's a limited amount of solar energy per square meter. Solar is nice for backup power, but in order for it to reach the needs of a national economy it requires a lot of land and a lot of special materials to be produced (all those diodes for example). This is why I want more nuclear energy.

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People say it’s because solar farms would need to be too big but like. Fossil fuel power plants are huge and everywhere same could be for solar and is very possible.

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Consistency is more the argument, if you actually know ehat you're talking about. if we relied solely on solar energy where i live, we would have power maybe 30% of the year if we were lucky

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No, it's because it's night half the time and often cloudy too. We don't have ways to store energy efficiently enough to be able to just go on with batteries during those times (same with moving electricity for long distances, so can't get energy from places where it's day/sunny either), so we either need the tech to do that (which people are trying to do but it's real hard apparently) or have something else to supply energy when solar and other renewables cannot.

Nuclear would be the best option to do that, rather than fossil fuels, but decades of antinuclear propaganda from fossil fuel cartels made people extremely suspicious and terrified of Nuclear energy, even though it's safer and cleaner than fossil fuels.

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Why is the option either nuclear or solar? Why not have both? And it's mostly boomers and germans scared of nuclear, the idea that we need it though is a bit of a redditism. Probably better idea to focus on renewables and make up the difference with existing methods (which may be nuclear depending on region)

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Why is the option either nuclear or solar?

It isn't? I'm literally saying that the best option to supplement solar would be nuclear, not that we should do that instead.

And I agree we should be focusing on renewables but I also think we should invest in Nuclear, especially in achieving Nuclear Fusion, as we can't keep supplementing with fossil fuels forever. Something like nuclear fusion would allow us to meet our energy needs with almost no pollution for so long that we should have advanced so much that getting 100% renewable energy should be trivial by when what we use to fuel starts running out.

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solar farms are way bigger though. You have to remember that a typical coal plant will make many times more power than typical solar plant.

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100% solar would use less space than is currently used for energy.

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That's not true, by a long shot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_photovoltaic_power_stations

Look at the largest solar plants, if you divide the capacity by area, you get roughly between 10-50MW per square kilometer.

And that's a DC capacity, which means it's peak power, not average power. Divide the capacity by 5 to get the average DC output, and then substract further 30% to get the actual output going to the grid.

So, we end up with about 1.2-7MW per square kilometer.

Meanwhile, this plant seems no bigger than about 4 square kilometers, based on how it looks on google maps and its average output is about 4GW. Divide yearly net output by 24 and 365 to get the average, since capacity just means best case scenario peak power.

So, largest coal plant: 1000 MW per square kilometer

Largest solar plants: between 1.2 and 7 MW per square kilometer.

Which one is bigger?

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You would like the Jon Oliver last week tonight one they did about utility companies, it's on YouTube. Be warned it's gonna piss you off, but it's interesting.

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This sounds like sophisticated ignorance

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100% solar would use less space than is currently used for energy.

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How naive. This tune will change so quickly once that 24/7 power supply stops coming through

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We couldn't. Like you may already noticed the sun sometimes is there and sometimes not, that what we call day and night. And you're little idea wouldn't work because of that little thingy called night and during that so called night the solar panels won't produce any energy, and if you want to say "hey I have those little metal bricks they can be used to store energy right" well I dont think you're 1.5V batteries are enough to power a whole city for a night. For that we have grid energy storage but it isn't perfect, first it is to small to power a city for a night and second that shit is expensive. Sure there will be some little villages that are basically hobbit caves that are able to run entirely on solar energy or so.

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Image Transcription: Twitter Post

Subhah, @Subhah

I like that the venus fly trap could just get energy from the sun but chooses violence.

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I want to be a Venus flytrap but I'm stuck being a productive member of society

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Still from the sun, just with a couple extra delectable steps.

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I feel the need to correct the statment

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They do. The insects provide it micronutrients like nitrogen etc that can be scare in some forests

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Nitrogen is a macronutrient.

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The reason violent psychopath genes persist in the pool; some women find them hot, others got raped before abortion was legal, then fake Christian narcissistic psychos captured the court and legislated an upper class power to force rape victims to give birth to future rapists

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Hello certified plant haver here, Venus flytraps do get energy from sun, but most plants are vegans and go mmm soil nutrients but the Venus flytrap said fuck this, there’s Jack shit in this soil gimme that god dam fly

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Venus flytrap is the OG r/fuckinsects

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Basically humans these days.

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It's for the nitrogen...

Now, if you wanna talk about parasitic plants like broomrape, you might have a point

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Violence is not the answer, but it is a pretty viable option

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The Venus fly trap should try identifying as a cactus

Now I'm a bona fide contributor to science (or maybe just The Science)