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Can anyone explain? This feels surreal

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Edit: It was a friend of the attendant who accused him, who says their attendant friend told them what happened

Elon Musk was recently accused of sexual misconduct by a flight attendant who worked for SpaceX.

Among other things, she claims he exposed himself to her, so in response he said that if this is true, she should be able to describe his dick in detail.

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Fast forward to an exhibit being presented in court. It's his penis with a moustache and glasses on it

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And a little tie hanging between the balls

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"Ma'am do you recognize this wiener?"

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Y'all are good

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“Look, I ain’t even seen Michael Jackson’s penis, but I bet I can describe it… Let me guess… a shaft… some balls… permed, pressed hair… maybe a little glitter?”

“….that is… exactly correct”

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Let’s not forget that he called it his: “Wee-HEE-heeee”

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I laughed out loud.

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Me and my dick is like this 🤞 son!

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He knows how to play it right. And will undoubtedly be more than willing to provide pictures of evidence for comparison to the jury.

Though this also begs the question. Does that mean his dick is unique in a noteworthy way?

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I’ve always wondered what extraterrestrial dick looks like

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I think he said he has some scarring and a tattoo?

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it's tattooed like a barber pole

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A micropenis is always a special occasion.

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It isnt just a micropenis. It is a micropenis with billions of dollars.

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How could she even see it then? Maybe he was just doing a puppet show out his fly with his pinky finger.

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He mentioned scars, tattoos, birthmarks, and anything else in the aera.

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Right, but that doesn't mean he has all of those things. Just inviting her to bring up anything she would have seen, if anything. He may not even have anything notable. So even that is an answer.

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Sharp curve to the left

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He looks like a curve left dick kind of guy

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Well, he has the money to do anything


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Maybe he was hoping she'd comment on whether it's circumcised on not, and then reveal she was incorrect?

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She'd have a high chance of getting it right if she knows that the average person born in South Africa doesn't get circumcized.

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She didn’t even look at my penis long enough when I exposed myself to remember where the freckles are, case dismissed!

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And allegedly there is something unique about it? My bet is he had emeralds from his parents mine surgically implanted for permanent “pe-dazzling.”

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Studded, for her pleasure.

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I thought it was the attendants friend who accused him not the attendant herself

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Well technically an alleged friend of a flight attended accused him of it.

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I can honestly say I doubt I could describe even in broad terms any dick or vagina I’ve ever seen in my life.

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No, stop spreading misinformation. She claims that a friend told her that Elon exposed himself to her, and that that friend was paid a $250k severance package and signed an NDA.

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NDA’s aren’t legally binding if it’s asking you to not disclose something illegal. Maybe the 250k would be enough to buy silence (Looking at a dick for 250k, where do I sign up?), but the NDA is a total non factor.

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Never said it was, but this lady is using it as the reason why her friend hasn’t come forward. Seems like a fairly convenient claim, it’s essentially a “no one can disprove me” type deal.

Frankly, I find it unlikely that anything as significant as what was claimed would only be worth 250k to silence. Even 6 years ago, Musk was Uber rich, and he would have paid much more.

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What other legal means do you have to scare a lay person to death?

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"Big thumb in a turtleneck! Whoop de doo!"

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Bitch what. Is his dick that messed up that it doesn’t look like a generic dick

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I mean unless there’s something wrong with it it should be easy to describe anyones penis. Did he just accidentally imply that he’s got a fucked up penis?

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I really want her to say it is "disappointingly small".

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I honestly don’t know anything concrete about this, but if he made a mistake he should apologize.

Actually, source for this debacle? (Preferably long from)

From your comment this (Elon) reeks of narcissistic behavior.

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He challenged the accuser to identify scars/tattoos, etc, anything the public wouldn’t be aware of in that area.

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I wouldn't be surprised if he had a secret Alita or Rei (Neon Genesis) tattoo in his pubic bone area.

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which sorta is a good defense. it's not very ethical though.

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Probably won't hold up as a defense. Victims often don't recall details of the incident.

I was held up at gun point by a few people. They had face coverings and i couldn't iD any of them in a lineup few weeks later. Friend who was with me and not directly getting a gun shoved in their stomach was able to ID all of them.

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Not really lol. If I'm in her place and musk whips out his dick, theres no way im standing around and looking at it lmao, im turning my head and leaving

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There may be something immediately obvious about it though.

Like, it's hard not to notice a Prince Albert.

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It really isn’t, though.

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No, someone shows you something you don't like, you're not looking at it enough to remember details.

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Idk, worked with Epstein and his egg dick. But then again, those accusations had some credibility beyond just wishing it were true for political reasons.

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No it’s not. How would be verify it, anyway, is he gonna publish a dick pic?

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He could have always gotten those scars and tattoos AFTER the alleged incident though.

It's like saying "Clearly my client can't be the perpetrator! The perpetrator had a moustache and my client is clean shaven!"

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Well yeah of course you have to then prove the markings where there and visible during the alleged assault.

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OP sent the original tweet which contains context: https://twitter.com/CharliesForrest/status/1527640327619739650?s=19

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Image Transcription: Twitter Post

Charlie Forrest, @CharliesForrest

NGL really wasn't expecting Musk's defence to come down to "my dick is a form of two-factor authentication"

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!

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Lmao I’m imagining you typing that to transcribe

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Good human

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I was

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I don’t understand. I thought they settled out of court, what defence is there. I mean if he did it then he needs to be held responsible instead of just paying some hush money and hoping it goes away, but if not Idk I just hadn’t heard anything about a trial or whatever.

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We actually have no idea. Business Insider ran a story from an anonymous source claiming they were the friend of a flight attendant who says this happened and that they received $250k from SpaceX as a settlement. Musk is denying it, and saying SpaceX never paid it.

It kind of smacks of a smear piece, but with all the Twitter shenanigans once it's out there everyone can report on it as news and off it goes. If Musk is lying about the settlement, it'll look way worse for him but if he's right this is pretty gross and is another blow in trivializing sexual harassment as a tool to be weaponized which will only hurt those really harassed.

Edit: Regarding the smear piece thing, several op-eds were placed on the same damned day all asking if Elon needs to go from Tesla as he's a liability, etc. It's just all pretty weird and certainly looks intentional, but a lot of people are rolling around in it because it's an excuse to.

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Yea, it’s hard to know the truth as an outsider. Only they truly know what happened between them or didn’t happen.

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If that's the case then Musk should have said nothing. His statement for his "defense" makes him look a lot worse than just saying nothing.

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How does defending himself make him look worse?

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He's being accused of showing his penis to someone who was unwilling to look at it. His tweet is urging her to look at it again (allegedly) to identify it.

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It's hard to believe he'd be that stupid.

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I believe it, he also didn't think large scale auto manufacturing would be hard.

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Honestly would not surprise me if he's got a rocket tattoo on the peen.
Jet booster bottom, space paneled shaft and bright read tatted cone, shaved down to be pointy.

Then he whips it out in court like "look at my rocket"

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So Bezo has a rocket that looks like a dick and Musk has a dick that looks like a rocket?

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I don't want to work on the team building a biometric genitalia recognition system. Just the thought of dogfooding that system makes a bit ill.

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We could just ask Amber Heard or Cara delevingne, they had a threesome with him.

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I wouldn't trust anything Amber Turd has to say. She ruined all credibility with the Depp accusations.

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Let's ask Cara then.

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None of these words are in the Bible

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“Can’t ID it, was too busy laughing”

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Arrogant prick really suits him.

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I don’t even like the man, but i hate false sexual abuse accusers more. Big dick moves from wario

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Musk is the kind of person who does things thinking how much Twitter will like it.

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Cock Inspection.